Our mission is to Educate and Activate the residents of Raleigh.

We want them to be informed about their government so they are able to make the best decisions in electing leaders for the City of Raleigh.

We were able to make a profound impact on the 2022 Raleigh City Council election by being a pivotal influence in the election of four new members to city council which broke the stronghold Mayor Baldwin had with her 7 – 1 council majority.

We also advocated successfully to improve many rezoning cases and continue to work to ensure all voices are represented during council deliberations.

In recognition of our successes, LIVABLE RALEIGH was twice voted winner of INDY Week’s Best Local Activist Group award.

Livable Raleigh is an All Volunteer, Non-Profit Organization



OUR WEBSITE –  Livable Raleigh – Where you will find:

Calendars of everything that is happening in Raleigh

City Council Contacts – how to keep in touch with councilors

Engagement Resources for staying engaged with the city

Development Resources to keep up with Development in the City

Community Conversations – Videos of all the Webinars we have produced

Blogs – with timely reporting of issues that affect Raleigh

Election Resources – all the data from our 2022 election coverage (and we plan to provide the same kind of coverage for 2024)

        • Endorsements
        • Candidate Questionnaires
        • Councilor Report Cards for incumbents
        • Candidate Forum videos
        • Campaign Finance Reports
        • Sample Ballots
        • Find Your District

SOCIAL MEDIA – Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

NEWSLETTER – The Week Ahead Every week we send out an email newsletter detailing what is coming up in Raleigh. It also includes a summary of the previous week’s news.

COUNCIL NEWS – We publish written summaries of all the City Council meetings. If you aren’t able to watch them live, you can catch up with what happened through our summaries.

ELECTION ACTIVITIES – We engage in a wide variety of activities during City Council election cycles.

PUBLIC POLLING – We engaged a Nationally recognized polling firm to find out what issues were of most concern to Raleigh voters and published the results.  A poll of Key Issues

PRINT MEDIA – We ran advertisements for our endorsed candidates in local print media outlets

INDYWeek – Raleigh’s local Independent
The Carolinian – Raleigh’s leading African American Newspaper

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING – We ran paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram every day throughout the election starting the last week of August through election day in November.  We ran 20 different ads both for our endorsed candidates and against incumbent candidates.

CANVASSING – We delivered over 20,000 pieces of election material to the doors of Raleigh voters. This material contained our endorsements and polling results of the issues voters told us they care about. Campaign Flyer

YARD SIGNS – we funded yard signs opposing MaryAnn Baldwin for re-election.

Election season will be here before you know it and we want to be able to provide you with the most comprehensive information we can to ensure you are an informed voter when you head to the polls to vote in Raleigh’s election for a new mayor and city council.

We want to be able to continue to bring you information about Raleigh City Politics that you won’t find in the local print or television media. Information like:

We need your help in order to continue providing the information you have come to depend on.

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Thank You for your continued support.

Livable Raleigh