Raleigh Speaks Truth to Power

For 50 years, Raleigh’s 18 Citizens Advisory Councils (CACs) fostered grassroots democracy and a way for neighborhoods to address Council. Three years ago, the new Council secretly defunded CACs, silencing the very marginalized and impacted voices they needed to hear most.
The only remaining way to directly petition Council is a few minutes allotted at Council meetings, as required by law. Not surprisingly, Council’s efforts to suppress community voices in favor of development wheeler-dealers have led to growing charges of unfairness, injustice and inequity.
A rising tide of marginalized and impacted voices have come to this venue of last resort, seeking relief from 3 years of Council’s token gestures, callous disregard, and outright hostility for their plight.  Their powerful appeals – to treat all Raleigh residents with respect, fairness and justice, and to restore transparent democracy in our city – will be gathered here.
June 28, 2022
Getting it Right or Being Right
Ashley Pierrot
July 5, 2022
What Counts as Engagement?
Christina Jones
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