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It has been 295 days since Raleigh City Council discontinued Citizens Advisory Councils with no replacement. Read More

Livable Raleigh

Livable Raleigh is a diverse group of your neighbors who love our city as you do, and who care about quality of life for every resident and all of our neighborhoods. We believe healthy, vibrant neighborhoods are the essential building blocks for Raleigh to be both bigger and better in the future. As we grow, we should lead the nation in equitable and sustainable development practices.

We therefore advocate that our growth be managed to achieve the following goals:

The Latest


Stick to the Plan — Raleigh’s Comprehensive Plan

Raleigh’s Comprehensive Plan makes a clear commitment to sustainability and focuses on the “interdependent relationships of environmental stewardship, economic strength and social integrity.” It emphasizes the provision of economic and housing opportunities for all segments of the population in all areas of the city… including “aging in place.” It strongly promotes protection, restoration and preservation of the environment and existing neighborhoods; “of careful infill development that complements existing character and responds to natural features” … “the conservation of urban, suburban and native forests” … “preserving its natural landscapes” … “wildlife and habitat protection” and on and on.

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The Week Ahead – Week of November 23, 2020

Before taking a break for the Thanksgiving holidays, please pay attention to what’s happening with the Downtown South project. Meetings on Monday night and Tuesday. Let’s work together to make sure enough time is allowed for community engagement, community benefit conditions, and management of stormwater issues in a vulnerable area.

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Livable Raleigh’s Call To Action on Kane’s Downtown South Project

Dear Friends of Livable Raleigh, Earlier this week I sent a Call To Action message to everyone on our Livable Raleigh mailing list in regards to the proposed Downtown South project. You may have read about the project in recent stories here. The Downtown South Project is on a fast track to be approved within the next few weeks. If

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