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It has been 151 days since Raleigh City Council discontinued Citizens Advisory Councils with no replacement. Read More

Livable Raleigh

Livable Raleigh is a diverse group of your neighbors who love our city as you do, and who care about quality of life for every resident and all of our neighborhoods. We believe healthy, vibrant neighborhoods are the essential building blocks for Raleigh to be both bigger and better in the future. As we grow, we should lead the nation in equitable and sustainable development practices.

We therefore advocate that our growth be managed to achieve the following goals:

The Latest

Nicole Stewart Wants to Hear the ‘Right’ Voices

Nicole Stewart consistently uses coded language such as ‘right-sizing’ voices to find ‘the right voices’. Her code words sound vaguely progressive, but her motive is not to expand and empower all voices, but to conceal and distract from her real political motive: to silence voices she doesn’t agree with.

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Follow the Money

As a follow-up to Livable Raleigh’s previous blog, “Show Me the Money”, about the development community money spent in the 2019 City Council election, this time we look at the specifics for individual Councilors.

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