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Map Gallery

The City has gathered a variety of maps and made them available in a Map Gallery.The maps are print ready and come in multiple sizes. There are maps for City Council, Districts, Census Tracts, Zoning maps, leaf collection zones and others.

Rezoning Engagement Portal

The Rezoning Engagement Portal provides information about rezoning cases and the rezoning process. You can also ask questions about a specific rezoning case or leave comments for staff.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

The Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO, contains most local regulations concerning the use and development of land and buildings, including zoning, subdivision, stormwater, and natural resource conservation. The UDO was adopted in 2013.

The UDO is updated via text changes.

Text Changes

City Council may amend the City Code, or laws of the City, through text changes to address new development trends or to correct issues with existing language in the code. These changes are also known as text amendments.

Citizens, City staff, and members of City Council can request changes in the City Code. City Council must hold a public hearing before amending the code.

Find adopted text changes here.

Overlay Districts

The City of Raleigh implements Character Preservation Overlay Districts in targeted areas to supplement the base zoning districts. Overlay districts are meant to achieve a specific purpose, such as preservation of existing neighborhood built characteristics, protecting public safety and welfare, or conserving natural areas.

Other Useful Links

CoR Planning and Development is responsible for planning and visioning for the future growth of Raleigh and permitting and inspections for residential and non-residential development projects.

CoR Comprehensive Planning a service unit of Planning and Development. Manages several processes that relate to long-term land-use policies for the city.

CoR Zoning a service unit of Planning and Development. Zoning is key to managing city growth.

CoR Current Development Activity 

CoR 2030 Comprehensive Plan 

Public Notice Signs