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It has been 262 since Raleigh City Council discontinued Citizens Advisory Councils with no replacement.

TAA: Turning Pandemic Pain into Profits and Power

Through no fault of their own, families are facing eviction and homelessness at a rate greater than in the Great Recession. Sadly, there are powerful development industry groups in the Triangle seeking to turn the pain of vulnerable families into profits and…

Nicole Stewart Wants to Hear the ‘Right’ Voices

Nicole Stewart consistently uses coded language such as ‘right-sizing’ voices to find ‘the right voices’. Her code words sound vaguely progressive, but her motive is not to expand and empower all voices, but to conceal and distract from her real political motive:…
Buying elections

Follow the Money

As a follow-up to Livable Raleigh’s previous blog, “Show Me the Money”, about the development community money spent in the 2019 City Council election, this time we look at the specifics for individual Councilors.
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