Election Day

ELECTION DAY: November 3, 2020


On Election Day, you vote at your assigned precinct.

Poll workers will have PPE for voters who need it and will social distance. All Poll workers will be wearing masks and masks will be offered, but not mandatory, for any voter who needs one. Hand sanitizer will be available to all and there will be single-use pens provided.

As long as you are in line to vote by the time the polls are scheduled to close, you will be allowed to vote.  DO NOT GIVE UP AND GO HOME!  Please hang in there and vote.

TIP: It helps to make a plan to vote. Think through when and where you will vote. Polls are open from 6:30 AM until 7:30 PM. Confirm your polling location at the Election Day Polling Place Locator (www.wakegov.com) or call 919-404-4040.  



The best place to locate your Polling Location is to check out the Wake County Board of Elections website (wakegov.com/elections/info/Pages/pollingplaces).  When you go to this page, you will see multiple options for finding your polling location.

TIP: If you take your mobile phone into the polling booth, you can only use it as a reference source for viewing a sample ballot or research information from the Board of Election site. You cannot use your mobile phone for accessing social media, texting, chatting, photos or video.


Curbside Voting is available at all Polling Locations in Wake County. To be eligible to use Curbside Voting, you must be unable to enter the polling place due to age or physical disability.

Curbside Voting is always located near the entrance to the polling place and it is clearly marked with signs. Just pull up to the sign that says “Curbside Voting” and a poll worker will come out to your car and provide you with a ballot to complete your voting process.

TIP: Poll Workers may not be standing outside when you pull up to the “Curbside Voting” sign. However, Poll Workers will be monitoring the “Curbside Voting” area throughout the day and will be there to assist you very soon after you arrive.

Please Vote!  Your Vote is Your Voice!