We previously reported that Glenwood / Brooklyn residents Hillary and Paul Burgdorf wrote to City Council to ask that action be taken about the vandalism spilling into residential neighborhoods from the Glenwood South Entertainment District. Victimized by Vibrancy & Vandalism

Our promotion of the residents’ plea for help got the media’s attention and turned into a news report from WRAL.

You can watch the full report from WRAL here: Neighbors ask Council to address vandalism

This issue has been on City Council’s agenda for nearly two years now going back to Sept 2021. The Council has been very timid in their responses over this time.

Initially, the response was to add increased police presence. But, Councilor Melton didn’t want to hurt the “vibrancy” of the area and stopped any action to increase fines for parking in residential neighborhoods.

The added police presence proved to be ineffective as crime rates increased.

This spring, when vandals attacked the personal home of the Governor, Melton finally relented and supported City Council in raising fines for illegal parking.

Council’s response to the latest wave of crime and neighborhood vandalism was all talk and no action, except to ask staff for another report in a month or two.

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