Woody Biggs describes himself: “As born and bred North Carolinian, I grew up in eastern NC and have lived in Raleigh for 30 years.  I have seen the astronomical growth here and the good and the bad that comes with that.  I love our city and want it to be the best it can be and a safe place for all residents.”

Woody delivered the following remarks at the December 6 City Council meeting:

In Glenwood South we have had several stabbings, vandalism, etc. One business has their security guys walk staff to their cars so they do not get robbed.

Ten years ago I never gave it a second thought to walk thru Glenwood South later at night. I do now. Safety is a concern.

This city has let the area get wild and out of control. A factor is the extremely loud music being played which can be heard blocks away and in the homes of residents. It sets the tone for the night.

My neighbor and I came to the council 2 years ago and we got a lot of nice talk but no action. Officers have told me the current noise control system is as frustrating for them as it is for residents.

So, turn the music down to a reasonable level, businesses will still thrive, people will still come out and have fun, residents can stop making noise complaints calls and officers can do something else with their time.

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