Woody Biggs describes himself: “As born and bred North Carolinian, I grew up in eastern NC and have lived in Raleigh for 30 years.  I have seen the astronomical growth here and the good and the bad that comes with that.  I love our city and want it to be the best it can be and a safe place for all residents.”

Woody delivered the following remarks at the November 14, 2023 City Council meeting:

I am here tonight to talk about noise.

In Glenwood South we have been very suspect about the numbers being reported by the city.

And we were right to be suspect as we now have evidence that the city has downplayed and grossly under-reported noise complaint calls.

Let’s look at some numbers for 2023 to date.

As you can see from what is on the screen (pictured to the right) there is some discrepancy.

Some residents have been keeping noise call logs for years and some started this year. From Jan 1 to Oct 26 the resident logs show, and this is just for a few residents, 106 calls for the 600 block of Glenwood while the city reports 6. The city reports a total of only 17 calls for the 6 blocks of Glenwood in 2023. I have an email from someone in the city stating the data they found shows 35 noise complaint calls for Glenwood just in October. Again, the city only reports 17 calls total for 2023. I think the only true number reported by the city is zero citations given.

Every citizen and every news outlet who unwittingly reported the city provided incorrect statistics to the public should be outraged. The city is looking at a new noise ordinance but that is just window dressing as RPD doesn’t enforce the current noise ordinance. Two examples… On October 27 a resident called about a bar in the 600 block of Glenwood and the responding RPD officer told her it was a special weekend and they are allowed to play loud music.

On October 19 a resident went to a bar, again in the 600 block, where an RPD officer was standing outside and asked about the loud noise. The officer responded they had a special event permit, which was false and if it had been true the bar still has to abide by the noise ordinance, and he told the resident to move along. I know a 26yo girl who was at the bar on the front patio and she said it was ridiculously loud. Lieutenant Mukanus  responded to a resident inquiry saying RPD found the music level not unreasonable.

We have to contemplate why the city and RPD are doing what they are doing. Incorrect statistics are being given out and the noise ordinance is not being enforced. There needs to be an investigation to determine who is behind this. I was told pre-pandemic by a source of mine in the city that people high up in the city did not want to make any changes or do anything about the noise so this is not just an RPD enforcement issue. The council, the public and the media deserve answers.

A footnote, the numbers I stated from the resident logs are from a very few residents who keep logs and provided me the information. Therefore, the actual noise complaint numbers would be much higher if all residents kept logs and the city provided accurate call numbers.

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