Raleigh’s adopted 2021 Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) has no teeth and no Council Champions: The CCAP acknowledges that the plan has no enforcement powers for reducing 98% of Raleigh’s Green House Gas emissions. The Plan also acknowledges it has no metrics for measuring progress toward Carbon Reduction Goals. No one on Council has stepped forward to champion significant Climate Protection action.

Raleigh’s Climate Plan says current growth hurts vulnerable populations most: Raleigh’s adopted Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) says growth and development under this Council is “increasing the social vulnerability of low-income individuals and communities of color … Many socially vulnerable populations lack access to affordable housing, jobs, and other resources and services.” 

In the most important rezoning cases, Council undermines CCAP Equity Goals: Council voted unanimously for the Downtown South rezoning despite the fact that the Planning Commission said the rezoning made a mockery of Raleigh’s Equity Mission Statement referenced in the CCAP. Planning Commission votes 8-0 to deny Downtown South Plan

In the most important rezoning cases, Council makes a mockery of Raleigh’s Climate Protection Goals: Council approved the Azalea Falls rezoning despite overwhelming evidence that it violated virtually every environmental protection, carbon reduction, sustainable growth and equity principle contained in the CCAP. Council justifies Destroying Azalea Falls  and Video shows council condoned damage to environmental gem  

Who are Raleigh’s real environmental candidates?

Check out our endorsed candidates for City Council which includes two who have made the environment their life’s work.

Read our City Council endorsements here: Endorsements

Read our endorsed candidates’ answers to our questions on the environment here:

Mayor: Terrance Ruth

At-Large: Anne Franklin 

At-Large: Portia Rochelle 

At-Large: Joshua Bradley 

District A: Mary Black 

District B: Megan Patton 

District C: Wanda Hunter 

District D: Jane Harrison 

District E: Christina Jones 

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team