Clear-Cut Hillside above Azalea Falls

March 15, 2022

Raleigh’s City Council has endorsed more high-density development projects in the last two years than at any time previously in our city. Most of these were approved with few or no restrictions on environmental ramifications and many permitted wholesale clear-cutting of large swaths of land close or adjacent to environmentally sensitive preservation and recreation areas.

Trailwood-Dr-Constrcution Overflow2


Azalea Falls, Shelley Lake, Country Club Homes, Horseshoe Farms Nature Preserve, Downtown South, and Trailwood Drive are just some examples of hitherto conserved natural gems that now face runoff dangers from indiscriminate development clear-cutting approved by Council.

Development Runoff on Trailwood Dr in Raleigh

Video recorded the weekend of March 12th shows some of the latest contamination at Azalea Falls where silt fencing could not contain unstable runoff into the stream, endangering vegetation and wildlife and carrying contamination downstream beyond the afflicted area.

With heavier and more frequent rainfall events predicted, this threat extends to many natural areas in and around Raleigh as well as aggravating stormwater and erosion issues adjacent homeowners may face.

“In their efforts to appease developers, City Council has once again failed to protect the interests of Raleigh citizens,” says Susan Maruyama, Chairperson of Livable Raleigh.

Trailwood-Dr-Constrcution Overflow1

Failed silt fencing allows unstable runoff at Trailwood Dr In Raleigh

“We need leadership that balances development density with care for our environment and our citizens’ quality of life. So far, this council has come down time and again on the side of developer shortcuts, which continues to cost our communities and our environment dearly.”

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team

You can read more about Azalea Falls and this Council’s poor decision here:

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