Your Donations of Time, Treasure, and Talent Worked!

But our Coffers are Depleted!

Because of supporters and volunteers like you, we made a difference in Raleigh’s 2022 City Council elections.

Together we helped elect four new councilors who value transparency, engagement, and equity. We are hopeful they will be part of making Raleigh livable for all.

But there’s more work to be done and Livable Raleigh needs your help.

We plan to hold a community engagement meeting early in 2023 to get your input on our priorities going forward.
But first we need to replenish our bank account which was seriously depleted by our campaign expenses – 25,000 door hangers, 200 yard signs, and more than $6000 worth of social media advertising.
Because we are a small, non-profit, all-volunteer organization, our ongoing operating expenses are modest, but we do need to pay for our MailChimp account, our Zoom license, and professional legal advice and accounting services. 
If you value the services we provide to the Raleigh community, please click on the green button and help us fund our expenses for 2023. You can count on us to be good stewards of your contributions.

Why Livable Raleigh?

We dig into local government issues like no other organization. We attend the meetings, survey the local news and opinion outlets, report the key decisions, and publish in-depth, fact-based analyses that put Council’s actions into a broader and more meaningful context.

We funded the only professionally administered citywide poll ahead of the 2022 Council elections to find out what were the most important issues on Raleigh voters’ minds. We published the poll and shared the key results widely to help voters and candidates focus on the important issues that signaled change in the election.

As we’ve honed our skills over the last 3 years, our reputation has grown as an influential all-volunteer non-profit advocate for open, transparent local government and for sustainable and equitable growth. Our regular email newsletter ‘The Week Ahead’ is viewed by thousands weekly, our social media efforts have won triangle-wide acclaim and our website is constantly growing with new content added weekly, making it one of the most in depth resources for information about what is happening and why in local policy and politics.

We need your help in order to continue providing the information you have come to depend on.


Thank You for your continued support.

Livable Raleigh

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