Win Stephens left Raleigh in 1981 to pursue an engineering career with a global company including stints in the UK, Germany, Italy, China and Mexico. He shares his concerns about how growth in Raleigh is being managed.

I retired and came back four years ago to Raleigh, a city I loved and a place where I saw so much to give – a great place to live with housing and yards and woods for families with kids and dogs and wildlife. Unfortunately the present City Council seems intent upon squelching voices opposed to uncontrolled development and rezonings that negatively impact our quality of life – voices which they ignore, or hide, or belittle.

A public comment and a comment by the public are not the same. A written comment (by a person who is part of the public) to the Council is never read aloud or answered by the Council.

When written comments are not shared at Council meetings, then they are not truly public. All comments, whether in person or written, should be shared publicly by the Council at every meeting.

And all speakers should be given the option of speaking in person or via remote access. Council needs to allow the legal hybrid of in-person as well as remote comments at Raleigh City Council meetings. It’s not against state statues.

The Mayor and Council members need to step up and prove what they’re worth, especially after voting substantial salary increases for their positions. They need to do the right thing…listen to ALL their constituents and perform or get fired!

What have they done for you lately? Vote them out!

Note – Livable Raleigh commissioned a poll from Raleigh’s own nationally recognized polling firm, Public Policy Polling. Among the results, 49% of likely voters believe government is doing a poor job of keeping residents informed of what they’re doing while only 23% think they are doing a good job.

See the full polling results here: Voters Call for Change

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