June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month. But, with Raleigh’s City Council there isn’t much to be proud of.

The first City Council meeting of June was on Tuesday, June 6th. We heard a lot of talk from councilors. There was even a proclamation from Mayor Baldwin proclaiming June Pride Month in Raleigh. But, that was where the action ended.

In a News & Observer article we have these quotes from council:

“The city of Raleigh needs to stand up, support and celebrate its LGBTQ+ community in light of recent hate” says Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin.

Raleigh needs to take “a stance and say this is who we are as a city,” Baldwin said. “Seeing not only what our state but our country has become, there is just no room for that,” she said.

Jonathan Melton, one of the first two openly gay people to serve on the council, said this Pride month feels “heavier” than normal. “We are seeing a lot of anti-LGBTQ, particularly anti-trans acts and legislation,” he said. “Let’s get out there and celebrate, but also keep fighting. And let’s uplift the most marginalized members of our community and stick together.

That’s a lot of action words, but no actual action.

Melton responded in the interview with this:

Melton said he doesn’t intend to pursue a resolution condemning anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

We reported previously on Raleigh’s reluctance to address the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation coming from the state in the same way that Durham City and County already have here: Will Raleigh join Durham in supporting their LGBTQ+ community?

The hate that Mayor Baldwom refers to has a source and that source in the NC State Legislature. If you can’t call it out by name, you might as well stay silent. 

The bottom line is this. Raleigh’s council is afraid of retribution from the state legislature if they were to vote to adopt a resolution condemning the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation coming from the legislature. Even though the legislature has taken NO action against Durham City or County for adopting their resolutions.

Apparently, it’s only Raleigh that must stay silent out of fear that the politicians on Jones Street might do something to hurt the straight, cis, white residents of Raleigh and we can’t risk that. As long as they are only attacking the LGBTQ+ community, Raleigh’s City Council is good.

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