At last night’s Glenwood CAC meeting, copies of a resolution in support of CACs and an open letter from Livable Raleigh were handed out to all attendees. The resolution was passed overwhelmingly by the large crowd. After the vote, residents had an opportunity to speak. Livable Raleigh was introduced to the crowd by Susan Maruyama, our Livable Raleigh Chair. After Susan, several others spoke about their support of CACs and involvement with Livable Raleigh. As we go forward, let’s make sure all of Raleigh’s CACs stay united in our goal of maintaining open, inclusive communication and engagement with each other and the City of Raleigh. We hope that Livable Raleigh will become a resource and vehicle for achieving those goals. Click here to view the Livable Raleigh open letter to CACs.

Below is the resolution that was overwhelmingly approved last night:


WHEREAS, the Raleigh City Council has voted to abolish CACs by a date certain, with two members voting against that motion, and;

WHEREAS, the Raleigh City Council acted without public hearings and /or public input, which was at least arbitrary and capricious, and;

WHEREAS, the CACs were established to provide advice to the Raleigh City Council on matters of importance to neighborhoods;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Glenwood CAC is on Record opposing the action of the Raleigh City Council in defunding and disenfranchising CACs, and;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Glenwood CAC requests the City Council of Raleigh that it:

1. Rescind the motion to abolish CACs, restore its funding and access to city resources, and reaffirm all policies and procedures related to the CACs;

2. That the City Council take an active role in working with the CAC leadership, defined as the RCAC, to improve, enhance, and empower the CACs into a better organization;

3. In the meantime, the Raleigh City Council direct the City Manager, working through the Department of Community Development, to work with and support the CACs, as well as launch reasonable initiatives to support outreach and awareness in conjunction with the CACs.

Adopted this date of ‪24th of February 2020 by the Glenwood CAC, with the RESOLUTION going to the Raleigh City Council and to all of the other CACs