The N&O’s June 21 editorial about Raleigh’s upcoming election concludes:

“Local elected officials will have to come up with a better answer than tax breaks for developers and tax hikes for homeowners.”

The editorial highlights the work of local watchdog Livable Raleigh to support their conclusion that Raleigh needs better answers for growth, instead of putting developer profits ahead of the rest of us. We agree and we need your help.

For 3 years, Livable Raleigh has spoken truth to moneyed power, advocating for better answers that the N&O and Raleigh residents told us they want. 
According to our national pollster, Raleigh voters want:

✓ more affordable housing that actually meets our growing needs,


✓ more community engagement that restores and empowers grassroots democracy, and


✓ more transparent local government that is less beholden to developers and more committed to environmental protection and improving the lives of regular Raleigh residents.

As Raleigh looks forward to choosing its next leaders this fall, the volunteers at Livable Raleigh are working harder than ever and depending more than ever on your support. With your help, we are expanding our outreach and partnerships to engage voters and candidates about the most important city issues and highlighting the better answers Raleigh residents want and deserve.

Please donate $10 or $20,
or whatever you can
to Livable Raleigh.

Thanks for supporting
your local watchdog!



Read more about the polling and download the full polling report here: Poll of Key Issues, Raleigh Voters Call for Change

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team