Tim Niles is a founding member of Livable Raleigh and has been a resident of Raleigh for over 30 years.

At the November 1, 2022 City Council meeting he delivered these public comments:

Last time I explained that you say you improved citizen engagement but the facts from staff say you actually REDUCED it by 35%. (you can read the previous report here: Lack of trust in City Council is well deserved)

Now your campaigns are making statements like:

“Mary-Ann believes that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard”

But, she changed her twitter feed so only those she “follows” can reply, silencing her critics.

A mailer from David Knight says:

“Knight will work with ALL the citizens of District E”

C’Mon. Has Knight forgotten his statements from this council table listing all those groups he refuses to work with?

Jonathan Melton’s mailer claims he listens to ALL voices.

Melton was notified by email that his campaign employee removed the sign of another campaign. He did NOT respond.

He did respond within an hour to someone’s tweet about recycling old yard waste containers now banned in Raleigh.

I asked him about recycling polystyrene in the same Tweets and he NEVER responded.

I sent him a Direct Message Tweet to explain a traffic study can be done with multiple scenarios when he didn’t seem to understand that for North Hills. He never replied.

He must use twitter’s mute function to silence those he disagrees with. 

He blocks voices instead of listening to them.

Today is 999 days since you defunded CACs without public notice or input.

INDY Week said:

“after three years, city council has FAILED to deliver any kind of meaningful replacement for CACs”

Your actions say more about you than the campaign rhetoric written for you by PR experts.

Lastly, yes, Missing Middle housing can be good for everyone when it is implemented to promote affordability. In Raleigh it was implemented to maximize developer profits with no requirements or incentives for affordability.

As you go to vote please consider what these councilors DO and not what they SAY when you make your decision.

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