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If you’re reading this, you probably are aware of local Raleigh issues and how the current City council majority has been operating.

You probably are aware that they eliminated Citizen Advisory Councils and extended their own terms in office by a year, all done in secret backroom deals.

You probably are aware that they have taken huge campaign contributions from the development industry and rewarded their donors accordingly through an unprecedented number of rezoning approvals that don’t address our critical affordable housing needs and that often are harmful to the environment.

You probably are aware that they are raising your property taxes by 22% while raising Council salaries by 82%.

You probably also are aware that Mayor Baldwin and her council cronies are not very popular with the general public, but that they have a huge war chest to spend to promote themselves.

You probably feel well-informed about the candidates who are running and you probably are planning to vote out all the incumbents in the November election.

You probably are aware of all these things because you rely on the reporting you get from us at Livable Raleigh.

However you also are probably in a minority among Raleigh residents. Many Raleigh residents don’t know who the Mayor is, don’t know who their council representatives are, and don’t know there’s an election in November.

Livable Raleigh wants to make sure we can reach more Raleigh voters, keep them informed about relevant City issues, and encourage them to vote in November.

Just this week we have published Report Cards for the current City Councilors and Candidate Questionnaires for all the candidates running for election in November.

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