Agency Grants Recommendations$file/20230410BMSFY24AgencyGrantsStaffPresentation.pdf$file/20230410AgencyGrantRecommendations.pdf

  • Arts = $2,958,912
  • Community Enhancement = $200,000 (PLM Families Together, The Hope Center at Pullen, Communities in Schools Wake County, and Boys and Girls Clubs serving Wake County). 
  • Human Services = $1,180,710
  • Entire process will be overhauled according to City Manager to make sure all organizations have equal chance for funding. Mayor Baldwin and Mayor Pro Tem Branch suggest that subject experts be brought in to help evaluate grant applications for Human Services and Community Enhancement as is done with Arts.

Human Resources Update$file/20230410HRCompensationStaffPresentation.pdf

  • Benchmarked 110 job classifications; 6 were more than 20% below market midpoint; 23 were 10-20% below market midpoint, 53 were within 10% of market midpoint, 6 were above midpoint, and 8 had insufficient data.
  • It would cost $220k to impact 189 positions effective October 2023
  • Forming a Public Safety Collaborative to address unique challenges in public safety compensation
  • Would cost about $500k to address 271 leapfrogging cases with pay adjustments in October 2023 and will work to proactively address in future
  • $300k for comprehensive compensation and classification study phased over two years; this is cost of study only, does not include cost of implementation

FY2024-2028 Capital Improvement Program Update$file/20230410BMSCIPPresentation.pdf

  • Raleigh Transit – FY24-28 proposed CIP budget = $132.2M, including $80M in BRT plan projects
  • Raleigh Water – FY24-48 proposed CIP budget = $867.2M, including 4% rate increase on base charges
  • Convention Center and Performing Arts Complex – FY24-28 proposed CIP budget = $19.1M
  • StormWater – FY24-28 Proposed CIP budget = $88.1M, including 2.5% rate increase

Annual Fee Adjustments$file/20230410BMSProposedFeeScheduleStaffPresentation.pdf

  • Proposing 6% fee increases in line with modified Consumer Price Index
  • Proposing some fees associated with Raleigh Convention Center/Red Hat Amphitheater/Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts be set by RCC administration
  • Mayor Pro Tem Branch asks if fees recoup costs, while at the same time allowing space and opportunity for those who are challenged by some of the costs. This is true for Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources, where City sometimes subsidizes costs for nonprofits. Planning and Development fees do not cover true costs.

Parking Fee Adjustments$file/20230410WSParkingCitationStaffPresentation.pdf

  • Recommending that fees for violations with lower community impact (expired meter) will be lower and violations with greater community impact (blocking crosswalks and fire hydrants) will be higher
  • Proposing increased fees for Glenwood South Nighttime safety issues. Several councilors suggest even higher fees and towing are needed to discourage bad behavior.
  • Implemented additional Scooter parking in some no-parking spaces.