Consent Agenda – details at end of document

All items approved unanimously.

Public Comments

  • No voicemail comments received
  • Octavia Rainey spoke about the need for a joint meeting between City Council and the Housing Authority, which has not been scheduled. Also about how City policies are resulting in creating hardship for low  ncome/wealth folks to live downtown near where they work.
  • Lawrence Yehle stated that the City did not need to put so much focus on racial equity but city priorities should focus on indicators that measured whether or not city priorities ensured equity for all. Also spoke for the need for more funding for RPD – for compensation and benefits.
  • Kesha Monk spoke against the rezoning of the Shaw University properties and how it would negatively impact neighbors and students currently residing in the Prince Hall district.
  • Eugene Myrick shared how CJ Mann’s involvement in the Shaw U rezoning represented a major conflict of interest because of relationships and political support for Council members on his public facing business site.
  • Erika Moss spoke against the rezoning of Shaw University property due to the negative impact on local residents and students. The rezoning and proposed projects will create gentrification and drive residents out without creating housing opportunities for Shaw students – but will only benefit developers.
  • Gene Alston requested that the city more fairly distribute services and resources for beautification – in particular focusing on underserved South East Raleigh. He also asked City Council to take more action to address the senseless killings that are plaguing city neighborhoods.
  • Shandolyn Wilson spoke in support of RPD and the need for more funding for salaries and benefits for officers and staff.
  • Matthew Cooper also called attention to the lack of funding for RPD and how it was going to make a bad situation worse due to upcoming retirements and officers leaving RPD to go work for PDs that paid better.
  • Matthew Brown spoke against the efforts to create Transit Overlay Districts. He said that the districts were created without any understanding of how they impacted residents. The outlines were made based on “objective” criteria that will result in Urban Renewal-type teardowns and displacements.
  • Kara Lynn Sanders spoke about how many of the speakers at Council meetings and in the community show a lack of trust in City Council decisions and processes. She worries that the current focus on development is short-sighted and will not end up meeting future needs of city residents.
  • Nicole Williams spoke about sexual harassment and the need for Council to act on the Anti-harassment ordinance. She was told that it had been passed.
  • Katrina Marvin was in support of increasing police compensation to make RPD more competitive.

Report and Recommendations of the Planning Commission

  • Rezoning Z-90-22: Rock Quarry Road & Diamond Drive, east of Rock Quarry Road, south of Pearl Road, and west of Diamond Drive (District C) Applicant requested 80 day extension till July 4. Unanimously approved.
  • Rezoning Z-47-22: Computer Drive, east of Barrett Drive, west of I-440, and north of Wake Towne Drive (District E) The Planning Commission recommends approval (6-1). Public Hearing will be on May 16 by unanimous approval.
  • Rezoning Z-91-22: Ileagnes Road Assemblage, south of Carolina Pines Avenue Planning Commission recommends approval (7-0). Public Hearing on May 16 approved unanimously.
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-2-23: Midtown Beltline Crossing Alternative. Needs to be approved before Z-90-22. Scheduled for Public Hearing on afternoon of May 2 unanimously approved Special Items
  • Petition Annexation – AX-12-20 – Contiguous Outside ETJ – Hodge Road Assemblage (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-16-20: Hodge Road, south of the intersection of Poole Road and Hodge Road (District C)
  • These 2 were scheduled for a June 6th Public Hearing by unanimous vote
  • Rezoning Z-67-22: 7910 Skyland Ridge Parkway, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Skyland Ridge Parkway (District E) This was moved to May 2 to Special Items by unanimous vote.

Report and Recommendations of the City Manager

  • Reimbursement Agreement – Crabtree Creek Greenway Bridge at 912 Hodges Street. Unanimously approved.
  • ARPA Arts Recovery Program Phase 1 – City Venue Reactivation Initiative. $300,000 in ARPA Funds approved unanimously.
  • FY23 Strategic Plan Revisions – 5 revisions approved unanimously.
  • Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises – Disparity Study – Final Report
  • Consultant presented info on the Study Process and the Recommendations. The Report was accepted unanimously. Council members asked for an “executive summary” to be prepared and for an opportunity to review the recommendations when specific actions to address were identified. Raleigh Disparity Study Final Report
  • Staff recognition:
    • Retirement of Larry Jarvis
    • Last meeting for Robin Tatum

Public Hearings

  • Petition Annexation – AX-27-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 5500 Rock Quarry Road (District C) Unanimously approved.
  • Petition Annexation – AX-34-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 216 Buck Jones Road (District D) Unanimously approved.
  • Petition Annexation – AX-41-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2004, 2008 Citation Drive (District C) Unanimously approved. (Site plan under review)
  • Petition Annexation – AX-04-23- Non-contiguous Inside ETJ – 7300 Buffaloe Road (District B) Unanimously approved.
  • Petition Annexation – AX-06-23- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 3081 Sanderford Road (District C) Unanimously approved
  • Rezoning Z-41-22: Old Milburnie Road, west side, east of I-540 (District B) Unanimously approved to continue Public Hearing to May 16 Council Meeting.
  • Petition Annexation – AX-22-22- Contiguous to Satellite- Outside ETJ – 3540 Auburn Knightdale Road (District C) Approved 6-1 (Mary Black)
  • Rezoning Z-69-22: 3540 Auburn Knightdale Road, located approximately 0.3 miles southwest of the intersection with Battle Bridge Road (District C) Approved 6-1 (Mary Black)
  • Rezoning Z-75-22: 3717 Edwards Mill Road, northwest side, approximately one quarter-mile from the intersection with Glen Eden Drive (District E) Approved 5-2 (Mary Black and Christina Jones)
  • Rezoning Z-87-22: Four properties on the northern half of the block bounded by W Davie, S Salisbury, W Cabarrus, and S McDowell Streets (District D) This application included a condition for a $100,000 donation to the Affordable Housing fund. It was held over to May 16 by unanimous vote to allow more discussion about community benefits.
  • Text Change TC-1-23: Stormwater Management Regulations Approved unanimously due to a requirement by NC State for approval by May 1 effective date. It was also forwarded to Economic Development and Innovation Committee by unanimous vote for further discussion on how this change and others impacts the ability to build affordable housing.

Report From the Mayor and City Council

  • Megan Patton has heard concerns about the removal of the homeless encampment from constituents and members of the community. She is interested in getting a report from the Homeless Task Force.
  • Mary Black has gotten comments about the negative impacts of traffic calming strategies. Concerns that some of the installations have actually made areas less safe. She would be interested in getting a report.
  • Corey Branch wants information on the number of rezoning cases in the last 5 years by zoning type and District in which they occurred.
  • Christina Jones requested more information about the status of recommendations for days and times for Public Comment. The Mayor reminded her that it had been sent back to Community Engagement for more input.
  • Jane Harrison reported that folks from Transportation had given a good presentation on Traffic Calming at the District D community meeting. She also asked for clarification on what kind of signs were permitted in  meetings. City Manager said that there had been some confusion by staff located by entrances but that regular paper signs were permitted.


  • Consent Agenda Process
  • Declaration and Disposition of Surplus Property 322 W. Davie Street – Negotiated Offer and Upset Bid Process


  • Grant Award – North Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation – Accessibility for Parks Grant – Caraleigh Park Improvements
  • Grant Award – U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program – Fiscal Year 2021
  • Grant Award – Trust for Public Land – On Common Ground


  • Contract Services – Auto Parts Inventory Management Program – Advance Stores Company, Inc.


  • Position Reclassification – Engineering Services


  • 903 E. Martin Street – Replacement of Existing Concrete Steps


  • Budget Amendments – Raleigh Union Station Food Vendor Upfit Project


  • Big Branch Interceptor Sewer Improvement Project


  • Bid Award – E.M. Johnson and D.E. Benton Video Surveillance Upgrade – Bitting Electric, Inc.
  • Bid Award – Ricochet Drive Gravity Sewer Installation Project – Park Construction of NC, Inc.


  • Speed Limit Reductions – Heather Drive, Barstow Drive, Carolina Avenue, Grove Avenue, Ravenwood Drive, Linville Drive, Grovewood Place, and Scarlet Maple Drive
  • No Parking Zones – Line of Sight – Trademark Drive
  • No Parking Zones – Line of Sight – Charleston Park Drive
  • No Parking Zones – Line of Sight – Old Poole Road

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team