Trisha Posey is concerned that Council may legalize this illegal industrial wasteland next to her neighborhood.

Trisha Posey holds an MBA from Campbell University, serves as the association President for her community, and has served 20+ years in public education with a strong passion for the care and welfare to serve the public interest. Ms. Posey recently sent the email below to City Council and reached out to Livable Raleigh to help raise awareness about this rezoning case.

I am writing you to share our communities concerns with the city of Raleigh rezoning case #Z-49-20.

The City Council will vote on the rezoning case Z-49-20 (located at 3624 Tryon Road) on May 18, 2021. We continue to oppose this case based on the below fundamental concerns.

1. The harmful effects of toxic fumes and noise pollution on residences.

a. Black carbon emitted from a fleet of diesel industrial-size trucks.  Exposures to the fine particles in black carbon can penetrate deep into the lungs. Studies show these particles cause premature death and harmful effects on the cardiovascular system and respiratory diseases. (Environmental Protection Agency, Health Effects of Particulates and Black Carbon, December 2013.)

b. Effects of noise pollution: sleep disturbances, cardiovascular and psychophysiological problems, performance reduction, increased annoyance responses, and adverse social behavior (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 2006).

2. Inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

a. The Land Use Section provides the critical foundation upon which all other elements are based.  It defines a community’s physical form and function and provides a framework for all infrastructure-related decisions.  

b. This rezoning permanently impairs future residential and other development.   Development should foster the Comprehensive Plan vision of expanding housing choices and growing successful neighborhoods and communities.

3. Legitimizing but not lessening the effect on neighbors.

The rezoning applicant, A+ Tree Company, leased and illegally operated an industrial business on the property that was detrimental to adjacent residents.  This rezoning request places the burden on neighboring residents bearing the price/impact of A+ Tree Company’s illegal actions and seeks to legitimize those actions by allowing those impacts to resume. 

4. Nothing comparable in the City District.

Our city-wide research continues to show that there are no similar tree companies that are legally operating adjacent to residential users. The example of Lineberger’s Tree Services, Inc, on Tryon Road is in error as that business appears to be operating out of compliance with zoning classification R-10.  In addition, that business is bordered by a commercial property to the right and left and has a much larger buffer on the side of the property adjacent to homes than the one proposed in the A+ Tree Services site plan.

We have 300+ homes between our community and University Woods, with 2-3 residents per home (estimated 750 residents). 

[Note that the rezoning request is inconsistent with both the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use Map. Planning Commission deadlocked 4-4 so referred the request to Council without a recommendation.]