Chris Crew was born in Morganton, NC and moved to Raleigh in 1964. He’s been a resident of Historic Oakwood since 1975.

Educated at NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill, works for the State of NC in Public Safety. Preservationist, Cook, Trombonist, Brewer, Choirboy, Grandfather.

Chris spoke at City Council on January 16, 2024. 

Zoning request Z-92-22 is not the answer to Raleigh’s transportation and affordable housing needs.

There are no changes or tweaks to the language that will make it acceptable.

This change request by the Planning Department, not property owners, has the flavor and appearance of a public taking—without any of the benefits of a condemnation.

If you vote in favor of this, you will be remembered as a partner in Urban Renewal.

This is not the only way to demonstrate Raleigh’s commitment to density in support of efficient public transportation.

Z-36-23, Z-46-23 and Z-54-23 all represent excellent approaches to increased density that don’t come at the expense of established neighborhoods and culture. Support these.

Z-92-22 has been wrong since the beginning; nothing can make it right.

Don’t hang this albatross around your neck.

The Planning Commission recommends denial; you should take their advice.

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