The NC Justice Center has written to the Wake County Commissioners and the Raleigh City Council expressing their concerns about the possibility of approving a Tax Increment Grant for the Downtown South project especially in this current environment of a pandemic and its effect on our economy.

The letter begins:

Dear Wake County Commissioners,

As you are aware, the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn are generating new demands on public services and uncertainty as to the path forward to a robust and just economic recovery for the region and the state. At the North Carolina Justice Center, we monitor the economic and fiscal conditions as well as state and local policy decisions to focus on how people with low incomes and communities of color will be impacted. We understand that without full inclusion in a recovery or access to benefits , growth itself will not deliver well-being to everyone in our state.

Within this particular context, and given the unique position of Wake County and the City of Raleigh, we urge elected leaders to reject the creation of a county-wide or city Tax Increment Grant policy.

Read the full letter here NC Justice Center Letter

You can make your feelings known by contacting the Wake County Commissioners here

Or by emailing the Raleigh City Councilors at

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