The Raleigh Chamber is reporting in their “Engage with Your Leaders” email that the Raleigh City Council is coming to a consensus on what changes they want to make to the City’s election format.

According to the Chamber’s sources, the City Council wants to move to four year terms. This despite the City Council surveying the public on the same question twice now with the results coming back BOTH times a resounding NO. The public does not want the councilors to serve four year terms. The most recent survey was performed professionally with a randomly selected and demographically accurate pool of respondents.

Read our previous reporting on the survey results: Residents oppose four year terms

Like a child who is told no by one parent, this council now wants to go ask the other parent to see if they can get what they want. Do they just plan to keep asking the question until they get the answer they want? They’ve already asked the question twice.  Council didn’t like your answer, so they’re asking again.

What the Chamber doesn’t say is that in public conversations about the latest survey results, the council appears to favor adding a primary with any possible move to four year terms. This would eliminate the current “plurality” election format and replace it with an election that requires a majority winner.

The Chamber also reports the council has yet to discuss in depth whether to increase their pay. We are quite confused by this statement considering the council gave itself an increase in compensation that started after the 2022 election that put the current councilors in office. Read about their pay increase here: Council’s pay raised 82%

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