Wake Bus Rapid Transit – Station Design, Public Art, Branding, Public Engagement

  • Presentation

Downtown Raleigh Alliance – Public Realm Study

  • Presented plans and asked for additional resource – referred to Economic Development & Innovation Committee

Report and Recommendation of the Planning Commission

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on July 6, 2021.

  • Street Closing STC-03-2021 – Banbury Road (District D)
  • Street Closing STC-06-2021 – W. Morgan Street & Pedestrian Right-of-Way (District D)
  • Street Closing STC-05-2021 – Unnamed Street adjacent to St. Mary’s Street (District E)
  • Rezoning Z-3-21: 5601 Preston Place, north side, approximately one-half mile north of the intersection of New Bern Avenue and Old Milburnie Road (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-14-21: Hargett Street & Harrington Street, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Hargett Street and Harrington Street, one block west of the Raleigh Municipal Building (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-15-21 (TCZ-1-21): N Blount St and Delway St, southeast of the intersection of N Blount St and Delway St (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-67-20: 3249 Blue Ridge Road (portion of), approximately one third of a mile north of its intersection with Duraleigh Road (District E) – applicant has requested additional time, so Planning Commission (PC) requesting 60-day extension to August 28 but Mayor requested PC get this back by 8/17 Council meeting

Special Items

  • Street Closing STC-01-2020: Old US 64 Highway Extension of Plat Recordation Deadline – extended to June 2022
  • Rezoning Z-44-20/TCZ-3-20, 3513 Garner Road, approximately 0.3 miles east of the intersection of Garner Road and Tryon Road (District C) – hold until July 6 Special Items since applicant is not present; changes must be received by June 25 for action on July 6
  • Rezoning Z-10-21: Creedmoor Road, approximately 200 feet south of its intersection with Sherborne Pl (District A) – public hearing set for July 6
  • Rezoning Z-16-21: Conquest Drive, on the east side of Jones Sausage Road, approximately 0.65 miles north of its interchange with I-40 (District C) – public hearing set for July 6
  • Rezoning Z-53-20: 4508, 4512, 4516, 4518, 4600, and 4707 Lead Mine Road, at the intersection of Lead Mine Road and Philcrest Road. (District A) – referred to Safe, Vibrant, & Health Communities – some allegations of dishonest attorneys
  • Rezoning Z-22-20: East End Market PD, at the northeastern corner of the intersection of Whitaker Mill Road and Wake Forest Road (District E) – approved 5-2 (Cox and Forte opposed; Baldwin recused)
  • Text Change: TC-5-20 Missing Middle Housing – public hearing set for July 6 on Option 1; approved 7-1 (Cox opposed)
  • Community Engagement Update
    • Seems to be focused on social activities
    • Division of Community Engagement, Office of Community Engagement, Community Engagement Board
    • Cox objected to this group being gatekeepers between citizens and the City
    • Cox objected because nothing is included about citizens participating in rezonings
    • Cox prefers bottom up, grassroots approach

Report and Recommendation of the City Manager

  • Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – New Bern Avenue Advance Design
  • Plan to announce new police chief by end of week
  • Farewell remarks by Police Chief Deck-Brown

Study Group on Council Terms/Salaries and Voter Engagement/Participation – Interim Report Recommendations

  • City Council should transition from 2-year to 4-year terms
  • City Council should adopt staggered terms whereby all District Councilors are elected on one side of the cycle and the Mayor and all At-Large Councilors are elected on the other side of the cycle.
  • City Council should consider moving the election to even years.
  • Increase total compensation for the Mayor and City Council


  • Annual Mayor Stipend : $36,511
  • Annual Expense Allowance: $6,000
  • Annual Car Allowance: $2,400
  • Annual Technology Allowance: $1,000

City Councilors:

  • Annual Council Stipend: $29,848
  • Annual Expense Allowance: $4,000
  • Annual Car Allowance: $2,400
  • Annual Technology Allowance: $1,000
  • Final two tasks:
    • Should the size of Raleigh City Council be increased?
    • Are there ways to increase voter engagement and participation in local elections?

Public Comment – started at 3:03pm

  • Barbara Miller
  • Octavia Rainey on CACs and on Buffkin’s comments that poor people aren’t good role models
  • Cody Stokes
  • Christina Jones on RCAC update and removal of virtual option and engagement – requesting special meeting with RCAC and Council similar to Council’s meeting with DRA
  • Kathryn Wolf on anti-semitism and police training
  • Josh Ravitch on police training and anti-semitism
  • Amy Rosenthal on police training and anti-semitism
  • Richard Johnson on voter suppression and Buffkin’s comments
  • Stef Mendell on voter suppression and community engagement
  • Deborah Friedman on police issues and anti-semitism
  • Angela Brandt on Lead Mine rezoning
  • Tim Niles on engagement and democracy
  • Bob Geary on engagement
  • Leon Cooke on Affordable Housing
  • Nelda Holder on public process and accessibility
  • Judah Segal on issue of concern to Jewish Community

Public Hearings

  • Public Nuisance Abatement – Property Liens – Approved 6-2 with Cox and Melton opposed
  • Petition Annexation – AX-6-21 Contiguous Inside ETJ – 4208 Dunn Drive (District B) – approved 8-0
  • Petition Annexation-AX-7-21 Contiguous Inside ETJ- 800 Samuel Street (District C) – approved 8-0
  • Flood Plain Map FP-1-2021: Modifications to flood maps for Blue Ridge Road Widening Project (City Project # ES-2018-04) – Approved 8-0
  • Rezoning Z-54-20: Hargett Street & Harrington Street, at the southwest corner of the intersection, one block west of Nash Square (District D) – hearing closed today; conditions must be submitted by this Friday, June 25, to be voted on at July 6 meeting.
  • Rezoning Z-69-20: 1302 Oberlin Road located on the eastern side, at the northwestern intersection of Oberlin and Annapolis Drive. (District D) – Cox clarifies that the rezoning would remove the property from the Oberlin NCOD. Approved 7-1 (Cox opposed)
  • Rezoning Z-2-21: White Oak Road, 200′ north of Glenwood Avenue (District E) – Approved 8-0.
  • Rezoning Z-11-21: Page Rd, on its east side, 1,700 feet south of T W Alexander Drive (District E) – Approved 8-0
  • Rezoning Z-12-21: Barwell Road, north of its intersection with Rock Quarry (District C) – Approved 8-0
  • Rezoning Z-13-21: 1751 Corporation Parkway, at the northwest corner of its intersection with Hedingham Blvd (District C) – Approved 8-0.
  • Text Change TC-1-21: Outdoor Amenity Area – Approved 8-0.
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-3-21: Economic Development Priority Map Update. Will review again after census data is in. Approved 8-0

Economic Development & Innovation Committee

Next meeting on 6/22 at 1:30pm – in-person in Council Chambers to review DRA info from today.

Growth & Natural Resources Committee

Next meeting on 6/22 at 4pm in Council Chambers. Trying to decide if David Cox will be allowed to participate remotely as he will be out of town.

Safe, Vibrant, and Healthy Communities Committee

Next meeting on 6/22 at 11:30am in person

Transportation and Transit Committee

Next meeting on 6/24 at 3pm in person

Individual Reports from the Mayor and Council Members

  • Laptop ran out of battery and June 15 Afternoon Council session is not online.
  • Lengthy discussion about sign up for public comments. Council will discuss at next meeting, but in the interim the sign up will remain 5pm Friday of the week before.
  • Public comments will be moved to right after the consent agenda during the 1pm council meetings.