The writer is former chair of the Raleigh Planning Commission

In his Jan. 10 column, Ned Barnett argues that leaving growth management solutions to localities worsens the problems associated with rapid growth. An understatement for sure.

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The Raleigh City Council majority is part of the problem as they are recklessly bent on approving density everywhere in the city. Their vote to allow higher densities in single-family neighborhoods beyond the two-family units already in place will make traffic worse. It will also hasten tree loss, increase storm-water runoff and exacerbate parking problems in neighborhoods not built to accommodate higher density. Higher densities need to be focused along transit corridors, as in Charlotte.

What’s worse is that the Council majority is hiding behind the curtain of affordable housing. There is no significant presence of truly affordable housing in Raleigh. When it comes to managing growth, Council majority members are closing their eyes to future negative consequences. We’re well on the way to traffic hell.

Robert Mulder, Raleigh