Raleigh residents regularly contact Livable Raleigh to express their concerns about loss of tree canopy and clear-cutting during development. They want to know more about tree protection, tree planting, and tree preservation. We all know that, beyond their aesthetic value, trees contribute to our overall mental health and to community well-being by absorbing storm-water runoff and helping to clean the air we breathe.

Livable Raleigh is working to help bring together local tree advocates and to provide more information on this topic. If you are interested in working with local tree advocates, please contact Bob Mulder at bigbear51@mindspring.com

We plan to add more information to our website in the near future, but below are some resources that may be helpful.

Concerns about trees can be made to the Parks & Recreation & Cultural Resources Department (PRCR)

The Parks & Recreation & Greenway Advisory Board’s subcommittee, Sustainability, Wildlife & Urban Trees also is interested in hearing citizen’s ideas about trees. 

The Natural Resources division within the PRCR department has an Urban Forestry Program to manage street tree planting, maintenance, and trees in city parks.

The PRCR department hosts tree planting events in local parks. The department will work with citizens wishing to host tree planting events. Neighbors interested in greening their neighborhood may plant trees under the guidance of Parks Department staff in community parks or along city streets.  The City’s website has a page titled Tree Conservation Areas that provides information and staff contacts for many tree concerns. 

Citizens have an opportunity to address members of City Council and members of most Advisory Boards at the beginning of each meeting.  Currently meetings are held virtually and citizens make comments at the beginning of each meeting.  Please feel free to contact the appropriate Advisory Board or Commission prior to the meeting to put your name on the list to speak to members of the Board.

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team