Proposed Parks Bond Presentation

$180M for Scenario 1

$212.5M for Scenarios 1 & 2

$266.5M for Scenarios 1, 2, & 3

$86M for Scenarios 2 & 3

Councilor Cox shared statistics illustrating how District B is being shortchanged on park expenditures, but gets no response.

Councilor Melton says he would support a larger bond package.

Councilor Forte expressed concerns about a larger bond package given needs for Affordable Housing and Broadband Connectivity. $266M or more for Parks versus recent $80M housing bond is a concern.

Councilor Knight wants to know why Devereux Meadows isn’t in Scenario 1 or 2.

Councilor Branch wants to make sure District C projects are included because they have been discussed in the past, but not included. Also expressed concerns about impact of property tax increases on citizens.

Mayor Pro Tem Stewart agrees with Branch and Melton.

Mayor Baldwin asks staff to come back on November 16 with options for potentially funding Phase 1 of Dix Park & Play and options for Brentwood and Green Road, and come back in December with a plan, process, and timeline to do outreach and get public feedback like was done with housing bond in conjunction with Chamber.

Councilor Cox appreciates consideration of Green Road and Brentwood, but asks for Master Plan for areas in District B without any parks at all.

Councilor Buffkin agrees with polling people, but is concerned about public support for such large numbers.

Mayor says deadline is May and this bond has to pass so need to listen to feedback.

Councilor Branch asks about how much would be needed for Barwell Road Park which has a master plan and is shovel ready.

Councilor Buffkin asks about impact of inflation on these numbers.

Financing Tools for Locally Funded Infrastructure Presentation

At the July 6, 2021, City Council meeting, Council requested a staff presentation on the City’s tools to fund infrastructure and protect quality of life. The request included an identification of financing tools available, interaction of State law or City policies, and the City’s debt modeling processes.

Staff’s presentation addressed those items and highlighted the annual capital improvements process (CIP).

Councilor Cox asks how to translate this money into badly needed road resurfacing, but gets no response.

Mayor Baldwin asks staff to look into grant opportunities.