Join us on Sept 14 to hear two of Raleigh’s most important leaders in urban design and social justice discuss the keys to making Raleigh a World Class City.


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Dr. Richard Adelman

Elizabeth S. Axtell

Donna Bailey

Woody Biggs

Jim Brennan, Structurally Speaking

Pat Butler

William Clifford

Leon Cooke

Jimmy Creech

Bill Dix

Barry Eriksen

Bob Geary & Pam Wilson

Mike & Jeri Gray

Frank Hielema

Jodi Holden & Mandy Hays

Will Hooker

Tom Hunter

Merrilee & Ken Jacobson

Edie Jeffreys

Doug Jennette & Marsha Presnell-Jennette

Donna Keiran & Chuck Depew

Nancy & John Lambert

Mike Lindsay

Crissty Martin

Susan and Ken Maruyama

Catherine Maxwell & Ben Fewel

Dianne Mayer

Stef Mendell & Richard Johnson

Chantelle Miles

Betsy Munroe

Tim Niles

Bill and Bett Padgett

Melissa Peden

Cheryl Posner-Cahill

Lubin Prevatt

Sallie Ricks

Lynn & Mike Ruck

Amy Sawyer

Shawn Sager & Harlan Shays

Terry & Hank  Snyder

Russ Stephenson

Piroska Szabo

Helen Tart

Mary Thompson, Reparative Justice Working Group

Voices with Vision

John W. Wardlaw, Jr.

Rachael Wooten

Jonathan York

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