• Mayor Baldwin and Councilor Melton both absent and excused from afternoon meeting; Mayor Baldwin also absent and excused from evening meeting
  • $50k unanimously approved for Wake Legal Support Center
  • One community center in each District will be made available free for CAC meetings as an interim measure; Office of Community Engagement will work with both active and inactive CACs to get this going
  • Reviewed support for Affordable Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Diversion, Small Business Stabilization, and Public Project Community Support Fund: Mitigating Neighborhood, Community and Small Business Impacts. Some of the latter sounds like reinventing the wheel on CACs.
  • Growth & Natural Resources Committee and Safe, Vibrant, & Healthy Community Committee both meet on February 28
  • Councilors brought up issues including the recent death of Darryl Williams in police custody, pedestrian safety, and staffing issues.
  • Will review appointment and nomination process for Boards and Commissions.
  • Public comments focused on police violence/accountability, crime, flaws with Missing Middle, Affordable Housing, and engagement and transparency. Speakers were allotted 3 minutes each.
  • Councilor Black asked for a moment of silence in recognition of lives lost to police violence. Council unanimously approved her motion that Human Relations Commission look at “We Demand Justice” packet and come back with recommendations to form a committee to address their suggestions and concerns.
  • All rezoning requests were approved with the exception of two — one was held until March 21 to get more information about fire support and the other was held until March 7 at applicant’s request to allow more time for dialogue with residents


Consent Agenda – see list at end of document

  • Unanimously approved
  • D5 – Petition Annexation moved to March 21 to give Fire Department more time to address

Report and Recommendation of the Planning Commission

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on February 21, 2023:

  • Rezoning Z-43-22 – Clover Lane (District C) (Held open from 01/24)
  • Rezoning Z-63-22 – Running Fox Lane (District E)​
  • Rezoning Z-77-22 – West Jones Street and North Boylan Avenue (District D)​
  • Text Change to Zoning Conditions TCZ-78-22 – 1520 and 0 Blue Ridge Road (District E)

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on March 7, 2023 at 1:00pm:

  • Rezoning Z-55-22 – Johnson Street (District D) (Held open from 01/24)

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on March 7, 2023 at 7:00pm:

  • Rezoning Z-67-21 – North Hills Assemblage (District A) (Held open from 12/06)
  • Rezoning Z-65-22 – Willard Place (District D)

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on March 21, 2023:

  • AX-1-22 – Rock Quarry Road (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-2-22 – Rock Quarry Road (District C) (Held open from 01/24)
  • AX-21-22 – Oak Hill Drive (District B)
  • Rezoning Z-38-22 – Oak Hill Drive (District B) (Held open from 01/24)
  • AX-32-22 Forestville Road (District B)
  • Rezoning Z-67-22: 7910 Skyland Ridge Parkway, at the northwest corner of the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Skyland Ridge Parkway (District E) – holding until February 21
  • Rezoning Z-61-22: 4500 Falls of Neuse Road, just north of the intersection with Old Wake Forest Road (District A) – March 7 public hearing approved 
  • Wakefield Small Area Study: Final Report and Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP-13-21) – March 7 public hearing approved  

Special Items

  • Rezoning Z-74-22: Levister Ct, east of the intersection of Fayetteville St and Levister Ct (District D) – deferred to February 21 to set public hearing
  • Rezoning Z-82-22 Mitchell Mill Road, on its north side, approximately 1,000 feet west of Forestville Road (District B) – March 7 public hearing approved
  • Wake Legal Support Center – Judge Ashleigh Parker Dunston provided an overview of their current services and Jennifer Lechner spoke asking for support to expand services. Councilor Forte spoke highly of the group.
  • Wake Legal Support Center – City Financial Support – $50k unanimously approved and asked staff to bring back options for 2024 funding
  • Overview of City Council Community Engagement Priorities


  • Will return on March 21 with an implementation plan and recommendation about public comment periods
  • Several Boards/Commissions meet in person and are not recorded or streamed
  • Recommending one community center in each District be made available free for CAC meetings as an interim measure; Office of Community Engagement will work with both active and inactive CACs to get this going

Report and Recommendation of the City Manager

  • Affordable Housing – Comprehensive Update


  • Additional $1.5M in CDBG funding for King’s Ridge
    • Contract for Raleigh Home Revitalization Program with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle ($1,860,000)
    • Pines at Peach Road ground lease
    • Staff recommendations unanimously approved
  • Homelessness Prevention and Diversion Pilot Program – Passage Home and Triangle Family Services


  • $262,500 recommended for each agency with $500k from ARPA funds and $25k from Council contingency
    • Focus is on emergency funds
    • Approved unanimously
  • Oak City Biz Labs Midpoint Report – Small Business Stabilization – Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)


  • $5M from ARPA funding
    • 2 rounds of applications/awards
    • Summer/Fall 2022 is complete
    • Winter/Spring 2023 is being planned now
    • 51 businesses received funding (54% women-owned; 63% minority)
    • $1.1M disbursed (average $22k) in addition to technical assistance
  • Public Project Community Support Fund: Mitigating Neighborhood, Community and Small Business Impacts


  • $1.5M fund
    • Equitable Development around Transit Study resulted in pilot programs, including Neighborhood Enrichment/Neighborhood Initiative Fund, Neighborhood Stabilization/Community Outreach, and Small Business Stabilization/Entrepreneurial Expansion
    • Some of this sounds like reinventing the wheel on CACs
    • Carolina Common Enterprise will receive $75k
    • Raleigh Chamber Foundation will receive $119,900
    • El Centro Hispano will receive $105,100
    • Application process is now open with another $125k
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management Program – Annual Year-end Report, 2022 Traffic Calming Project Approval; Authorization of 2023 Traffic Calming Projects; Recommended Policy Revisions


  • Community engagement has been an issue
    • Streamlined processes and timelines to be able to do more projects
    • Unanimously authorized projects and policy changes

Report and Recommendation of the Economic Development and Innovation Committee

  • No meetings currently scheduled.

Report and Recommendation of the Growth and Natural Resources Committee

  • Meeting on Tuesday, February 28, at 4pm

Report and Recommendation of the Safe, Vibrant, and Healthy Community Committee

  • Meeting on Tuesday, February 28, at 11:30am

Report and Recommendation of the Transportation and Transit Committee

  • No meetings currently scheduled.

Report from Mayor and Council 

  • Mayor Pro Tem Branch asked for an update about the recent death in police custody. City Manager says they are waiting to hear from the courts about releasing bodycam footage and investigations are ongoing.
  • Councilor Harrison has received questions about grants for managing invasive species in our parks and public spaces and is working with staff to get more information. Asked for how we will sustain Violence Interruptor Program after ARPA funding is gone. City of Durham has a good dashboard on their website.
  • Councilor Jones asked for information on staff vacancies and asked about City Clerk appointment process. City Manager says organizational model is being reviewed and changes may be recommended.
  • Councilor Black acknowledged Black History Month and also thanked Firefighters in light of the rash of recent fires. Asked about a mutual aid network and how to fortify. Raised concerns about pedestrian deaths and suggested street murals as one potential traffic calming solution. A pilot program is being developed for City-maintained streets.
  • Councilor Patton asked about another, but smaller retreat. City Manager says that may happen in the Spring


Public Comment

  • Octavia Rainey on crime statistics, code enforcement, and gentrification
  • Woody Biggs on Glenwood South noise and crime; police admit they can’t do much about noise; neighbors still waiting for noise ordinance that was promised months ago; not getting responses from RPD about crime
  • Robert Allison on the R6 zoning of 5601 Preston Place; angry about what’s happening in Raleigh – drugs and prostitution; says Mayor is destroying our communities
  • Brittany Futrell expressing concerns about gentrification, asking for reparations, asking for apologies for police no-knock raids
  • Eddie Davis asking for rent control to be made legal because of Raleigh’s homeless crisis, asking for help with poor condition of pavement on the Beltline. Mayor Pro Tem Branch explains that the Beltline is managed by NC Department of Transportation
  • Dwain Porterfield advocating for support for Urban Ministries Project Pivot to end hunger in Wake County Public Schools
  • Lisa Hughet asking to allocate remaining ARPA funds to build more Affordable Housing and suggesting innovative solutions
  • Cole McMullin on police violence and lack of accountability; suggesting systemic changes, including elimination of no-knock warrants
  • Chris Crew, Oakwood resident, on the value of Historic Preservation – should be a value and priority in zoning decisions
  • Jennifer McKenney speaking against Police violence and racial profiling
  • Jeremy Gilchrist speaking against police violence and asking for a Police Advisory Board with greater powers
  • Lucy Lynn speaking for a different approach to policing per Durham pilot projects and asking for justice for Darryl Williams
  • Haley Kinsler criticizing police brutality and asking for accountability and expressing concerns about the ACORN program
  • Frank Hielema on flaws and inequities in the application of Missing Middle
  • Polina Voronsky on violations of customer bill of rights in Planning and Development 
  • Sergey Kesel on issues with building inspectors
  • Ashley Pierrot speaking about racial bias in policing and issues with proactive policing
  • Joshua Bradley on need for a different public safety model and need to address poverty and housing
  • Tim Niles on transparency in government with regard to hybrid meetings and four x four meetings and on City survey showing that 74% of respondents are opposed to four-year terms
  • Margie Case on Missing Middle unintended consequences
  • Diane Zenchenko expressing concerns about affordable housing and Raleigh’s inadequate response to climate change
  • Kimberley Muktarian on death of Darryl Williams in police custody
  • Dawn Blagrove, Emancipate NC, asking for police accountability, discontinuation of use of tasers, and pointing out policy violations by RPD
  • Terry Henderson asking for a moratorium on Missing Middle text change
  • Zainab Baloch on stopping police violence in Raleigh, especially in District C
  • Kerwin Pittman on police accountability and Raleigh’s treatment of poor people, and specifically addressing no-knock warrants that were used against Yolanda Irving and her family and the death of Darryl Williams while in police custody
  • Lauren Frey on death of Darryl Williams. Asking for firing of involved officers and ending use of tasers. Asks that budget prioritize community investment rather than policing.
  • Adam Haller on Safe Routes to School, walkability, increasing density, and enforcing traffic laws
  • Matthew Brown, Oakwood resident, on the value of historic preservation and contributions to the community
  • Annette Exum on death of Darryl Williams in police custody
  • Shane Collins on affordable housing
  • Mary Lumpkin on need for buffer zones at abortion clinics
  • Donna Bailey on improving citizen engagement and making changes to Missing Middle to incentivize affordable housing. Expressing concerns about City Attorney’s son working for land use attorneys who come before Council with rezoning requests.
  • Hwa Huang on police violence and gentrification.
  • Anlya Whitfield asking for better training for police 
  • Councilor Black asked for a moment of silence in recognition of lives lost to police violence. Unanimously approved motion that Human Relations Commission look at “We Demand Justice” packet and come back with recommendations to form a committee to address their suggestions and concerns.

Public Hearings

  • Annexation Petition – AX-26-21- Contiguous Outside ETJ – 9304 & 9316 Baileywick Road (District A) – approved unanimously 
  • Rezoning Z-64-21: Baileywick Road, on the north side of Baileywick Road adjacent to the Magellan Charter School, approximately 1/3 of a mile north of Lead Mine Road (District A) – approved unanimously
    • Inconsistent with Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map, but Planning Commission recommended approval
    • Raleigh Water expressed concerns regarding setting precedent of allowing development in the Falls Lake watershed
    • Public comment asking for policy against land swaps in the watershed and asking for better communication to the public about our water quality. Councilor Harrison indicates she will follow up with Raleigh Water about these issues.
  • Rezoning Z-17-21: E Whitaker Mill Road and Bernard Street, the northwest corner of the intersection of E Whitaker Mill Road and Bernard Street (District E) – approved unanimously 
  • Rezoning Z-24-22: E Whitaker Mill Road and Iron Works Drive, at the northeast corner of E Whitaker Mill Road and Atlantic Avenue (District C) – approved 6 to 1 with Councilor Black opposed
  • Rezoning Z-41-22: Old Milburnie Road, west side, east of I-540 (District B) – Councilor Patton moved to hold until March 21 to get more information on fire service; approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-64-22: 4424 Lead Mine Road, located at the intersection of Lead Mine Road and Philcrest Road (Distrct A) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-75-22: Edwards Mill Road, northwest side, approximately one quarter-mile from the intersection with Glen Eden Drive (District E) – applicant has requested that hearing be held until March 7 to allow more discussion with residents
  • Rezoning Z-76-22: Jones Franklin Rd, northeast of the intersection of Jones Franklin Rd and Dillard Dr (District D) – unanimously approved

Consent Agenda

  • Prince Hall Historic Overlay District – Alignment Adjustment Request by Blount Property Partners, LLC Rezoning Application – Agency Referral
  • Petition Annexation – AX-25-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 4419 Old Poole Road (District C)
  • Petition Annexation – AX-29-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 8716 Silverthorne Drive (District E)
  • Petition Annexation – AX-30-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2310, 2314, 2316 Doran Place (District C)
  • Petition Deferral Annexation- AX-33-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 8713 Silverthorne Drive (District E)
  • Petition Annexation – AX-35-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 4301 Whitfield Road (District C)
  • Petition Deferral Annexation – AX-39-22- Non-Contiguous Inside ETJ – 8709 Silverthorne Drive (District E)
  • Application for Historic Landmark Designation
  • FY23 Mid-Year Grant and Project Ordinance
  • Federal Transit Administration Relief Funding – Wake Coordinated Transportation Services (GoWake Access)
  • NCDOT Municipal Agreement – Sidewalk cost share on US-401 Improvements (U-5748)
  • Professional Services – Five Points Streetscape and Safety Study – Kittelson and Associates, Inc. – Amendment No. 1
  • Professional Services – Raleigh Water Lead and Copper Rule Revisions Support – CDM Smith, Inc.
  • Contract Services – Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring – ADS Environmental Services, LLC – Amendment No. 3
  • Contract Amendment – July 4th Presenting Sponsor and Media Partner
  • Position Reclassification – Engineering Services Department
  • Position Reclassification – Fire Department
  • Street Closing STC-12-2022: Connectivity Way Right-of-Way
  • 3810 Lake Boone Trail – Stormwater pipe
  • 1119 E. Martin Street – Building Wall and Fence
  • 328 Dupont Circle – Outward Swinging Doors
  • Budget Transfer – RPD Uniform Transition
  • Pedestrian Plan Sidewalks – Budget Transfers
  • Bid Award – Zebulon 2021 Water Main Replacements – Park Construction of NC, Inc.
  • Speed Limit Reductions – Maybrook Crossings Subdivision, Various Streets – Lilymount Drive, Landale Court, Pebble Ridge Drive, Brown Owl Drive, Maybrook Crossing Drive, Beagle Landing Drive, Dracena Drive, Boulder Ridge Drive, Cricket Ridge Drive, Crescent Forest Drive, Brownlow Court, Extine Lane, Moineau Lane, Manthorp Terrace, Mayridge Lane, Brownairs Lane, Erinridge Road, Patbrook Lane, Ridge Brook Lane, and Rocky Stream Lane
  • Multi-way Stops – Anderson Drive at Oxford Road/Claremont Road and E Hargett Street at Camden Street
  • Parking Modifications – Five Points Business District
  • ADA Parking – Traffic Schedule Administrative Reorganization
  • Curbside Pickup – 500 North West Street