Mayor Baldwin announced that next week’s work session on June 20 will be at 10am at the Media Center of the Central Communications Center at 2320 Westinghouse Boulevard. Some of the work session will be in closed session. The meeting will conclude in time to hold the regular afternoon session in Council chambers at 1pm.

Councilor Harrison highlighted Raleigh Sister Cities program. Unanimously approved attendance by Councilors Harrison and Black at an upcoming Sister Cities event.

2022 Community Survey Results$file/20230613OSI2022CommunitySurveyStaffPresentation.pdf

Following a Request for Proposals procurement process, the City contracted with ETC Institute to conduct the 2022 Community Survey, a random-sampled, statistically significant survey of Raleigh residents. ETC Institute previously supported the City’s efforts to administer the 2016, 2018, and 2020 Community Surveys.

The Community Survey provides a unique opportunity to better understand resident perceptions and satisfaction with a variety of City services. The Community Survey also allows the City to benchmark its results against other communities. Ultimately, City staff use Community Survey results to inform strategic, operational, and budgetary decisions.

ETC Institute administered the 2022 Community Survey to a random sample of Raleigh residents between December 2022 and March 2023. ETC Institute has developed detailed materials that outline Survey findings. 

During the meeting, representatives from ETC Institute provided Council a presentation and report that highlighted 2022 Community Survey results.

  • Residents have a very positive perception of the City.
  • Satisfaction with City services is much higher in Raleigh than other large communities.
  • Top issues are Affordable Housing, Pace of Growth, and Transportation.

Survey results will be shared via multiple avenues, including on the City website.

Councilor Forte highlighted importance of communication.

Councilor Black highlighted a number of issues including demographics, equity, and communication.

Councilor Patton highlighted the consistency between survey results and messaging from the public via public comments and emails. So it’s clear there aren’t just a few loud voices who have concerns about these issues. Stressed the importance of community engagement.

Councilor Melton wants to leverage new ways to share city information on kiosks and display screens and BRT busses.