City Council Work Session – January 10, 2023

  • For unexplained reasons, this work session was held at Dix Park Chapel rather than Council chambers.
  • Mayor Baldwin announced that the region has just been awarded the University Summer Games in 2029 which will feature athletes from 150 universities throughout the world.
  • Mayor Baldwin had to leave early, so Mayor Pro Tem Branch ran the latter part of the meeting.

Planning and Development: Guiding Growth in Raleigh$file/20230110WSPLANDEVstaffpresentation.pdf

  • Ken Bowers, Deputy Director, Planning and Development reviewed the history of growth in Raleigh, noting the impact on infrastructure (transportation, stormwater, water, and parks), as well as long-range forecasting.
  • Robin Tatum, City Attorney, reviewed legalities of rezoning.
  • Councilor Black asked how equity is incorporated into the process.

More Homes, More Choices: Overview of Upcoming Information Sessions$file/20230110WSPLANDEVMoreHomesMoreChoicesStaffPresentation.pdf

  • Planning Director Pat Young states that a driver for Missing Middle is housing affordability, but Raleigh’s Missing Middle ordinance doesn’t seem designed to achieve affordability unless you believe in trickle down.
  • Only 8% of housing units produced in the last seven years in Raleigh were legally-binding “Affordable” units.
  • No mention of the fact that allowing short-term rentals in ADUs hurts housing supply for Raleigh residents
  • Councilor Harrison asks about impact of HOAs and City has not been able to gather information on number and location of HOAs.
  • Councilor Forte points out that the District C Missing Middle information session conflicts with Council Retreat Day 2.
  • Councilor Jones asks about metrics for tracking the impact of these changes. Patrick Young says they have not looked at affordability.
  • R-1 is exempt to protect the watershed. R-2 is not exempt from most of the tools.
  • Councilor Jones asks about density in TODs and how that applies to other Missing Middle development.
  • Councilor Black asks about protections against gentrification. Young counters with trickle down. Black asks how long that takes. Young says it is not short-term.
  • Councilors Patton and Harrison ask about tools for homeowners to understand how this impacts their neighborhoods.
  • Councilor Jones asks how feedback will be captured from Missing Middle information sessions. Patrick Young says feedback will be shared with Council.
  • Councilor Melton asks to convene information session with nonprofit partners so they can understand options under Missing Middle. Young says there will be an event on February 23 at McKimmon Center to help groups understand how they can use the new regulations.
  • Councilor Harrison asks about impact of changing rules on developments underway. Attorney Tatum says it is up to an applicant if they want to go under the rules in place when their project was underway or if they want to use the new rules.