• Raleigh Police Department – ACORNS Program Update
    • Focus on homelessness, mental health concerns, and substance issues
    • Nine dedicated staff members
    • Provide referrals to community partners across Wake County
    • Work with RPD Crisis Intervention Team, RPD Crisis Negotiation Unit, and Wake County Advance Practice Paramedic Program
    • Planning to expand program with four additional social workers and a database
    • The majority of folks they work with are new to Raleigh and come here because of Raleigh’s resources
    • Affordable Housing is a key issue, especially with landlords not accepting Section 8 vouchers and with waiting lists of 5-7 years


CONSENT AGENDA – details at end of report

  • Approved unanimously except for E2, F1, and G1
  • E2 – Councilor Black wants to understand if charging stations at Convention Center can be used by homeless people. Staff explains that this is for people attending Convention Center events. Councilor Melton says that outdoor kiosks (about a dozen) that will soon be operational will provide free WiFi and recharging capabilities. Subsequently approved unanimously.
  • F1 – Councilor Jones had questions about addition to City Attorney’s office staff. City Attorney explains greatest need is at RPD. Subsequently approved unanimously.
  • G1 – Councilor Jones asked for clarification about water meter replacement costs. Subsequently approved unanimously.


  • Eddie Davis on need for rent control. Mayor says rent control is illegal in NC.
  • Robert Courts on concerns about upzoning via Missing Middle and impact on small local businesses. Requests active inclusion of naturally occurring local business in upzoning conversation to ensure affordable spaces for small local businesses.
  • Nick Robertson from Urban Ministries asking for facilities and funding from the City of Raleigh to support Project Pivot which deals with hunger and food insecurity.  Mayor explains City funding is provided to nonprofits and wants to be more proactive and will discuss further at retreat. Asked for more specifics on the ask.
  • Octavia Rainey again requesting a task force on reparations.
  • Rick High on Chavis Heights aquatic center – requests that it be named after Herman Lee Hinton who taught lots of Black kids in Raleigh to swim and who coached the first inter-racial championship basketball game held by the City of Raleigh.
  • Brittany Futrell on Federal Aid to Small Business Owners via Oak City Business Lab grants. Wants guidelines to allow applications for second round of funding. Asks Mayor to pay attention when people speak. Mayor Pro Tem Branch says second round will open in February. Not clear if that will be open to recipients of first round grants.
  • Delmonte Crawford on need for Affordable Housing and also spoke against property lien on a property that will be the subject of a public hearing later today. Also supports reparations task force.


The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the Special City Council Meeting scheduled for January 24, 2023 at 5:00 PM:

  • Rezoning Z-72-21 – Lake Wheeler Road (District D)​
  • Rezoning Z-2-22 – Rock Quarry Road (District C)​
  • Rezoning Z-38-22 – Oak Hill Drive (District B)​
  • Rezoning Z-43-22 – Clover Lane (District C)​
  • Rezoning Z-53-22 – Dix Edge Affordable Housing (Districts C,D)​
  • Rezoning Z-54-22 – Peace & West Streets (District D)​
  • Rezoning Z-55-22 – Johnson Street (District D)​
  • Rezoning Z-62-22 – Cross Link Road (District C)

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the regular City Council Meeting on February 7, 2023:

  • Rezoning Z-17-21 – E Whitaker Mill Road and Bernard Street (District E)
  • Rezoning Z-41-22 – Old Milburnie Road (District B)
  • Rezoning Z-64-21 – Baileywick Road (District A)
  • Rezoning Z-64-22 – 4424 Lead Mine Road (District A)
  • Rezoning Z-74-22 – Levister Court (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-75-22 – Edwards Mill Road (District E)
  • Rezoning Z-76-22 – Jones Franklin Road (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-24-22: E Whitaker Mill Road and Iron Works Drive, at the northeast corner of E Whitaker Mill Road and Atlantic Avenue (District C) – February 7 public hearing approved
  • Rezoning Z-63-22 Running Fox Lane, southeast of Shady Grove Road and northwest of Sycamore Creek at the termini of Aberdeen Chase Way, Huntley Chase Drive, and Running Fox Lane (District E) – February 21 public hearing approved
  • Rezoning Z-77-22, West Jones Street & North Boylan Avenue, (District D) – February 21 public hearing approved
  • Rezoning TCZ-78-22: 1520 and 0 Blue Ridge Road, at the southeast corner the intersection of Blue Ridge Road and Westchase Boulevard (District E) – February 21 public hearing approved
  • Rezoning Z-82-22 Mitchell Mill Road, on its north side, approximately 1,000 feet west of Forestville Road (District B) – approved to be held until February 7


  • Rezoning Z-65-22: Willard Place, east of N Boylan Avenue, bounded by Willard Place and Hillsborough Street (District D) – March 7 public hearing approved


  • Lake Wheeler Road Improvements Project – Authorization for Condemnation – approved unanimously
  • Updated work session agenda will be provided to council by end of this week


  • Public Nuisance Abatement – Property Liens – approved unanimously 
  • Demolition of Unfit Building – Property Lien – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation AX-2-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 1605 Rock Dr, 5805 Poole Road (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-19-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2801 Barwell Road (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-26-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 8031 and 8101 Louisburg Road (District B) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-32-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 5100 Forestville Road (District B) – applicant is eager for a decision either way asap; numerous issues raised about fire service; rescheduled for March 21 after a work session on the topic of ETJ annexations – approved 7 to 1 with Councilor Melton objecting
  • Petition Annexation – AX-36-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2001 Pacific Drive (District A) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-37-22- Non-Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2708 Sadie Hopkins Street & 2705 Landis Street (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-38-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 8916 Six Forks Road (District A) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-37-22: Plainview Drive & Polly Street, at the southeast corner of the intersection, approximately one-third of a mile south of New Bern Avenue (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-46-22: 4900 Old Poole Road, located at the southeast intersection of Old Poole Road and South New Hope Road (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-52-22: Globe Road, on its north side, at the intersection of Globe Road and Aviation Parkway (District E) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-57-22: McLean Drive/Old Wake Forest Road Assemblage, approximately 0.2 miles northeast of the intersection of Old Wake Forest Road and Falls of the Neuse Road (District A) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-68-22: W Jones Street & N Boylan Avenue, at the northeast corner of the intersection of W Jones Street and N Boylan Avenue (District D) – approved unanimously despite circumventing NCOD height regulations. Speaker in opposition asked for delay for more negotiation.
  • Rezoning Z-71-22: 849 W Morgan St, southside, approximately 400 feet west of its intersection with Mayo St (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Text Change TC-6-22: Treatment Plants – approved unanimously
  • Text Change TC-8-22: Self-Service Storage in Office Park (OP-) District – approved unanimously


  • Councilor Melton made a motion to make Z-74-22 a special item at next meeting so applicant can submit new conditions – approved unanimously
  • Councilor Patton asked that UDO include definition of crawl space – will be part of omnibus text changes
  • Councilor Black recommended City create an Office of Youth in City Manager’s office similar to what Durham has for ages 18-25
  • Councilor Jones has been holding district meetings and thanked District E businesses for hosting. Needs a host for 2/7 District E meeting. Recommended that Five Points Streetscape Study include outreach to WCPSS to understand impact on Underwood Elementary. Asked about people being removed from public comments because they were being told a work session is being scheduled on reparative justice. There is no work session scheduled on that topic. City Clerk will research and provide information.
  • Councilor Forte announced that there is an RFP seeking nonprofits to work on the City’s homelessness prevention and diversion program. Asked that Judge Dunston address council on legal aid issues and requested $50k grant – approved unanimously 
  • Councilor Harrison mentioned concerns about drinking water quality in the aftermath of Western Boulevard watermain break. Also concerned that communication to residents was spotty.
  • Mayor Baldwin named Councilor Forte as liaison to Raleigh Housing Authority. Asked staff to volunteer to judge Future Cities Middle School competition.


  • Annexation Petition – AX-26-21- Contiguous Outside ETJ – 9304 & 9316 Baileywick Road (District A)
  • Storm Drainage – Drainage Assistance Program – New Project Approvals
  • Professional Services – Master Services Agreement – On Call Engineering Services – CJS Conveyance – Amendment No. 1
  • Duke Energy Sponsorship – Furniture Units at the Raleigh Convention Center
  • Staffing Addition – City Attorney’s Office – Senior Associate City Attorney
  • Budget Transfer – Water Meter Inventory – Advance Procurement Due to Supply Issues
  • Speed Limit Reductions – Brennan Drive, Meadow Cove Lane, Ortin Lane, Pebble Gate Drive, Rippling Stone Lane, and Stonetown Avenue