Budget Notes & Financing

  • Budget Note 1 – Wake Legal Support Clinic ($50k) – included in FY24 budget
  • Budget Note 2 – Wi-fi in Fire Stations ($62k) – included in FY24 budget
  • Budget Note 3 – Composting – Solid Waste Services has budgeted $100,000 to conduct an organics feasibility study in FY24 – included in FY24 budget
  • Budget Note 4 – School Crossing Guard Pay Structure – Could be an additional $150k – $250k 


  • Council unanimously approved increasing pay to $15.66/hour and adding part-time jobs to the planned compensation study
  • Budget Note 5 – E-bike rebate program — $150k plus for pilot program


  • Approved unanimously to proceed with pilot program and add long-term funding for permanent program
  • Jonathan Melton moves to add two other budget notes – annual educational incentives for Raleigh Fire and Emergency Personnel similar to what is provided to RPD and education benefits for all employees – approved unanimously

FY24 Parking Rates and Fees


  • Unanimously approved proposal to increase parking fees based on safety impact of violation, and motion approved 7 to 1 (Mary Black opposed) to also increase parking fees in Glenwood South at night.