• Councilor Buffkin absent again for all of work session and some of afternoon session (many recent absences seem to coincide with his NC Senate campaign activities, showing his priorities)
  • Several councilors express concerns about lack of transparency and community engagement with regard to $1.5M FY23 funding request for “Public Project Community Support Fund Overview.” Mayor Baldwin wants to move ahead anyway with some lip service given to engagement before moving ahead.
  • Councilor Cox spoke out against ordinance establishing a Community Engagement Board, characterizing it as a board of political appointees and not representative democracy. He asked for the CACs to be reinstated. The Board was approved anyway, 6 to 1.
  • Public comments about engagement, Parks Bond, City budget, and annexation. Surprised, but pleased, they allowed comments about the budget as public hearing had already been scheduled and they typically do not allow public comments once a public hearing has been scheduled.
  • A number of public hearings were scheduled, including controversial North Hills rezoning (Z-67-21) public hearing scheduled for July 5. Councilor Cox asked if the request conformed to the Midtown Small Area Plan and Planning staff avoided answering although they have to know it does not.
  • Small Business Parking Relief Program will continue until specified occupancy thresholds are met.
  • Malone Court encroachment agreement awarded to HOA as requested by Councilor Cox despite numerous attempts by Mayor Baldwin and Councilor Buffkin to circumvent.
  • Will vote formally on June 7 for $275M Parks bond, resulting in 4 cent increae in property taxes and public hearing on July 5. Also initiating name change for Devereux Meadow park. Councilors Cox and Forte voted against.
  • Presented proposed Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2022, including two cent property tax increase and increases in fees for water, sewer, stormwater, and solid waste services. Public hearing on June 7. Budget work sessions begin at 4pm on Mondays starting June 6.
  • Municipal Service Districts – Tax Rate Request – will be included in proposed budget
  • American Rescue Plan funding proposal approved 6 to 1 with Councilor Cox objecting because he feels more aid should go to helping the homeless and those facing eviction.
  • Michael Moore appointed as fourth Assistant City Manager, filling position vacated by Jim Greene.
  • All public hearings approved, except that public hearing for rezoning Z-61-21: 316 W Edenton St, at the northeast corner of W Edenton St and N Harrington St (District D) continued until mid-June to allow for further negotiation between applicant and neighboring church
  • Economic Development & Innovation Committee announced that public hearing to effectively eliminate residential zoning is scheduled for June 7. Their next meeting will be 5/24 at 1:30pm regarding social districts
  • Neither Grownth & Natural Resources Committee nor Safe, Vibrant, & Healthy Neighborhoods Committee will meet in May. Still looking for date to discuss MSDs in Midtown when Councilor Buffkin is available.
  • Transportation and Transit Committee will meet on 5/26 at 3pm regarding CP-2-21 and North Capital Corridor Plan


  • Convention Hotel and Downtown Development Project – Draft Request for Interest


  • Public Project Community Support Fund Overview


  • This presentation updated the City Council on a conceptual framework for a “Public Project Community Support Fund,” that was originally broadly referred to as an “Equity Fund” in the Equitable Development Around Transit Report. 
    • The presentation included a brief overview of research of community practices; recommended purposes for the fund; recommended pilot investments for the FY23 Budget; and future considerations for Fund Governance.
    • Requested $1.5M in FY23 for pilot projects (in one-time funds)
    • Councilors Cox and Forte express concerns about lack of transparency and community engagement to date. Councilor Cox also expresses concern about where this fits in budget priorities. Councilor Knight expresses similar concerns.


Consent Agenda – see all items at end of document

  • Approved unanimously except for ordinance to establish a community engagement board. Councilor Cox objected because it’s set up to be a board of political appointees. He asked that CACs be reinstated. Passed 6 to 1 with Cox dissenting and Buffkin absent.

Public Comment

  • Christina Jones comparing $275M Parks Bond with $80M Affordable Housing Bond and questioning how much will go to Dix Park versus other City parks.
  • Barry Eriksen to oppose Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation’s request for a tax increase.
  • Martha Brock on community engagement and bringing back the CACs.
  • Nique Williams on city budget and public safety.
  • Kristen Havlik on public safety and protection for abortion clinics and individuals seeking abortions.
  • Laura Goode on annexation request.
  • Isis Wilson on city budget.
  • Eleanor Ross on city budget.
  • Jennifer Kochman on Accessory Commercial Units.
  • Ashley Terrazas on annexation
  • Amelia Covington on city budget.
  • Matthew Cooper on city budget.

Report and Recommendation of the Planning Commission

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on June 7, 2022.

  • Proposed FY 2022-2023 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan​
  • Water and Sewer System Development Fee Update​
  • Sewer AR 1359 Woodbridge Sewer Extension​
  • STC-13-2021: Seaboard Avenue (portion)​
  • CP-10-21 and Western Boulevard Corridor Study: Wake Bus Rapid Transit (held open from 4/5/22)​
  • TC-12-21: Accessory Commercial Units​
  • Z-76-21: 12117 Strickland Rd (District A)

The following items are scheduled for public hearing at the City Council meeting on June 21, 2022.

  • Z-73-21: 10909, 10913 Leesville Road (District E)​
  • Z-92-21: Nowell Road and Corporate Center Drive (District D)​
  • The following items were discussed during the meeting:
  • FP-1-22: FEMA Floodplain Maps – referred from Planning Commission with public hearing later today
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-14-21: Busway Streets – 6/21 public hearing scheduled
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-4-22: Wyncote Drive Street Plan – 6/21 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-87-21: Glenwood Ave & W North St, at the northeast corner of the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and W Lane Street (District D) – 6/21 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-13-22: Creedmoor Road, on the east side of Creedmoor Road, approximately 900 feet north of its intersection with W. Millbrook Road (District A) – 6/21 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-67-21: North Hills Assemblage, located at the intersections of I-440 at Lassiter Mill Road, and Lassiter Mill Road at Six Forks Road (District A) – 7/5 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-71-21: 13120 Strickland Road, on the north side of Strickland Road approximately 1/5 of a mile east of its intersection with Leesville Road and adjacent to I-540. (District C) – 7/5 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-74-21: 3151 New Bern Ave, 130 Shanta Dr, 3020 Milburnie Rd, being south of Milburnie Rd, between Shanta Dr and New Bern Ave (District C) – 7/5 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-82-21: Various parcels located at Edwards Mill Road, Arckelton Drive, and Cornwall Place, located approximately one mile southwest of the intersection of Creedmoor Road and Glenwood Avenue (US-70). (District E) – 7/5 public hearing scheduled

Special Items

  • Rezoning Z-45-21: Navaho Drive, beginning 150 feet west of Wake Forest Road (District A) – public hearing scheduled for June 7
  • Small Business Parking Relief Program Update – program will continue at individual decks until each deck reaches a specified occupancy threshold; need to figure out how to fund a permanent program.
  • Encroachment Agreement – Malone Court – Street Trees – Councilor Cox recommends accepting encroachment agreement drafted by HOA for community that has been maintaining this area for 21 years and has made significant investments over the year rather than negotiating an encroachment agreement with developer. Approved 6 to 2 with Buffkin and Knight objecting.
  • Proposed Parks Bond Discussion


  • Staff presenting options to seek public-private partnerships and other funding sources totaling $21M to keep total bond amount at $275M and get all projects funded.
    • Would result in four cent tax increase.
    • First formal vote on June 7 with July 5 public hearing
    • Also initiating name change process for Devereux Meadows
    • Approved 6 to 2 with Councilors Cox and Forte objecting.

Report and Recommendation of the City Manager

  • Proposed Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2022


  • Proposing 2 cent property tax increase and increases in fees for water, sewer, stormwater, and solid waste services.
    • Budget work sessions at 4pm on Mondays starting June 6
    • June 7 public hearing
  • Municipal Service Districts – Tax Rate Request Follow-up


  • Downtown Raleigh Alliance requested a tax rate increase from 0.044 cents per $100 of valuation to 0.0786 per $100 of valuation
    • Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation requested a tax rate increase from 0.0965 cents per $100 of valuation to 0.15 per $100 of valuation
    • Some councilors expressed concerns about engagement with residents, status of reserves, and asked what wouldn’t get done if they didn’t get the full amount requested. Baldwin, Stewart, and Melton want to move forward with full request; this would come as part of budget proposal.
  • American Rescue Plan Funding Request
    • Hotel Industry Workforce Development Project- $437,500 – Potential partnership with Wake County to engage with Capital Area Workforce to develop a new program that would assist the hotel community in recruiting staff, prepare current work for new roles and mitigate hiring and training cost. 
    • Community Health Initiative Grant Phase Two- $3,000,000 – Phase two of grant partnership program that provides funding for capital projects that assist the community in the areas of mental health, food security and assistance for those disproportionally impacted by the pandemic. This proposal would create opportunities for organizations that were not awarded in the first process. 
    • Art Agency Grants- $1,000,000 – Provide funding for the Raleigh Arts Commission to conduct a grant process for local organizations. 
    • Public Safety Initiatives- $2,000,000 – Provide funding to expand the current ACORNS program and provide funding for gun violence prevention. 
    • Councilor Cox thinks more of this money should go toward helping local agencies helping the homeless and those facing evictions. Approved 6 to 1.

Public Hearings

  • Demolition of Unfit Building – approved unanimously
  • Unfit for Human Habitation 90 Days Repair/Demolish notice – approved unanimously
  • Public Nuisance Abatement – Property Liens – approved unanimously
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Floodplain Maps – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-3-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 4520 Whitfield Road (District C) – approved unanimously
  • AX-4-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 3900 Sumner Boulevard (District B)
  • Petition Annexation – AX-5-22- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 3909, 3915 Blue Ridge Road (District E) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-28-21- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 3410, 3320 Tryon Road; 2109 Rannette Street (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Petition Annexation – AX-35-21- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 2018, 2020 Seneca Drive (District B) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-60-21: 4412, 4408, 4404, 4324 Tryon Road, approximately 200 feet east of the intersection with Silver Moon Lane (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-61-21: 316 W Edenton St, at the northeast corner of W Edenton St and N Harrington St (District D) – applicant requested continuation until June 7 for further negotiation; Mayor suggested mid-June because June 7 agenda is too crowded – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-78-21: Dawson and Martin, in the block bound by Dawson Street, Martin Street, Davie Street, and Commerce Place (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-79-21: Hoke Street and Garner Road, at the southwest corner of the intersection of Hoke Street and Garner Road, approximately one-third of a mile south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-83-21: 1420 Garner Road, at the northwest corner with Saints Avenue (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-85-21: Bloodworth, Cabarrus, and East streets (District C) – approved unanimously
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-2-22: Progress Report Omnibus – approved unanimously
  • Text Change TC-4-21: Transit Street Cross-Sections and Green Plus Frontage – approved
  • Text Change TC-4-22: Flood Hazard Areas Effective Date – approved

Report and Recommendation of the Economic Development and Innovation Committee

  • 19-11 – Text Change TC-12-21 – Accessory Commercial Units
    • On May 10, the committee held a special meeting to discuss the proposed text change on Accessory Commercial Units.  Planning and Development staff provided the committee with information on the initial text change drafted by staff, the version of the text change recommended by the Planning Commission, and a staff-recommended alternative approach.
    • Following this discussion, the committee directed staff to further revise the text change to eliminate retail sales, expand allowed services, update hours of operation, and to incorporate certain staff recommendations.  Since the committee meeting, staff has drafted a revised draft ordinance that reflects the May 10 committee discussion; that revised draft ordinance is included with the agenda materials.
    • The Unified Development Ordinance mandates that a public hearing be held for a text change of this type.  The public hearing for Text Change TC-12-21 – Accessory Commercial Units is scheduled for the June 7 City Council meeting.
    • 5/24 at 1:30pm regarding Social Districts

Report and Recommendation of the Growth and Natural Resources Committee

  • No meeting in May

Report and Recommendation of the Safe, Vibrant, and Healthy Community Committee

  • No meeting in May; still looking for date to discuss MSDs in Midtown when Councilor Buffkin is available

Report and Recommendation of the Transportation and Transit Committee

  • 5/26 at 3pm regarding CP-2-21 and North Capital Corridor Plan

Individual Reports from the Mayor and City Council

  • Mayor Pro Tem Stewart asked that staff review President Biden’s proposed Housing Action Plan
  • Councilor Branch asked for traffic light study, asked staff to address concerns about bus driver safety, and asked staff to see how City can help with rehabbing Quality Inn
  • Councilor Cox asked for help with public safety for Hedingham community
  • Mayor Baldwin

Consent Agenda

  • Consent Agenda Process
  • Fourth of July Celebration – Dix Park – Presenting Sponsor and Budget Amendment
  • Raleigh Housing Authority Bond Issuance – Walnut Trace
  • Ordinance to Establish Community Engagement Board
  • Petition Annexation – AX-30-21- Contiguous Inside ETJ – 3501, 3529, 3601,05,07 Rock Quarry Road and 2400,12 Sunnybrook Road (District C)
  • Grant Award – Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, Inc.
  • Storm Drainage – Drainage Assistance Program – New Project Approvals
  • Professional Services – Wake Bus Rapid Transit New Bern Avenue – HNTB – Design Services Contract Amendment No. 2
  • Professional Services – Master Services Agreement – On-Call Professional Engineering Services – Various Vendors
  • Contract Services – Asphalt Rejuvenation – Pavement Technology, Inc.
  • Contract Services – Resource Recovery Facilities Generator Maintenance Service– Gregory Poole Equipment Company – Amendment No. 3
  • Contract Services – GoRaleigh Management Services – Transdev Services, Inc. – Amendment No. 4
  • Contract – Blount Street Parking Deck – Allocation for Highwoods Parking
  • 10 W. Franklin Street – Seaboard Block C
  • 3300 Executive Drive – Medical Oxygen Line
  • Budget Transfer – Stormwater Operating Fund
  • Budget Transfer – Microfilm Digitization Services
  • West Rowan Street Sidewalk Project
  • Bid Award – West Neuse Interceptor Improvements Project – J.F. Wilkerson Contracting Co., Inc.
  • Speed Limit Reductions – Cattail Circle, Hanska Way, Lake Brandon Trail, Marsh Grass Drive, Mountain Lake Drive, Rattan Bay Drive, & Reaves Drive
  • Multi-way Stops – S. East Street at Worth Street & W. Davie Street at S. Harrington Street
  • No Parking Zone – Parkstone Drive
  • Curbside Pickup Zones – Glenwood South Parking Zone