Actual Baldwin campaign event photo

Under Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin crime in Raleigh has escalated. Neither she nor the City Manager nor the City Police Chief are providing credible answers or solutions.

ABC 11 has reported that the United States Marshals Service was in Raleigh on January 10th to speak about rising crime in Raleigh. They expressed concern about rising violent crime in Raleigh and violent crime involving juveniles in particular. The ABC 11 report indicates that the head of the US Marshals Service met with the Raleigh Police Department and discussed putting task forces together. See the report here: US Marshals Director talks violent crime prevention in Raleigh visit.

So where are we about solving crime in Raleigh? Why has Raleigh gone from a vibrant, peaceful, family-oriented city to bars, property crime, violent crime, and a ghost town where downtown was once thriving? All within the past five years during the tenure of Mary-Ann Baldwin?

Raleigh should not have needed the US Marshals help. Raleigh should not be where it is today. But, Baldwin took pride in wanting to be Mayor of Drunktown.

We have reported about the increase in crime before. Especially related to Glenwood South where Raleigh’s Crackdown proved ineffective and Mayor Pro Tem Jonathan Melton said this:

Residents have “very real concerns” but the city should be careful to strike a balance and not “quell the attractive aspects of Glenwood South,” “Cities have tourist attractions and it’s good to have a tourist attraction in our downtown, and cities have noise issues,” he said. “Cities are vibrant. We are a growing city so we are going to struggle with some of these issues. I certainly think it needs to be addressed but I really want us to be careful that we do not over-regulate to the point the good aspect of having a quote tourist attraction, go away.”

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