Afternoon session

Raleigh proclaimed October to be Bullying Prevention Month.

Consent Agenda approved. Councilor Cox raised concerns about item #C5 – Human Resources Policies – compensation and especially vacation policy as it applies to First Responders. Mayor and City Manager initially dismissed those concerns, but after Buffkin and Knight also weighed in, they agreed to put on 10/16 Council agenda for further discussion and action.

Planning Commission Report

  • Text Change TC-10-21: Conflicts of Interest, 160D References, Board & Commission Composition – 10/19 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-26-21: Old Milburnie Road (Adcock Assemblage), located approximately one mile from the intersection of Old Milburnie Road and New Bern Avenue (US-64) (District C) – 10/19 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-27-21: Old Milburnie Road (Simmons Tract), located approximately 1 mile from the intersection of Old Milburnie Road and New Bern Avenue (US-64) (District C) – 10/19 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-37-21: Falls of Neuse Road, on the southern side of Falls of Neuse Road, roughly halfway between its interchange with I-540 and its intersection with Strickland Road (District A) – 11/2 public hearing scheduled
  • Rezoning Z-46-21: South and Saunders, in the northeast quadrant of the West South Street and South Saunders Street intersection (District D) – 11/2 public hearing scheduled
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-8-21: Rock Quarry/Battle Bridge (District C) – 11/2 public hearing scheduled

City Manager Report

  • Capital Boulevard North Corridor Plan: A Future of Choice
    • One of the highest concentrations of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing
    • Can reasonably expect that new development and transportation projects will disproportionately impact low-income households and small businesses
    • Policies supporting rezoning for taller development should be delayed until other measures, like business support resources, are in place
    • The community investments should be implemented and have time to start creating positive impacts before transportation projects and development policies move forward
    • Referred to Planning Commission for review and recommendation
  • Short-Term Rentals – Staff Update
    • March 4 – September 4: 152 requests approved; 41 in review
    • Raleigh doesn’t have enough resources to enforce the rules and relies on complaints
    • Councilor Cox asks for information on how this impacts our housing stock

Raleigh Historic Development Commission Report – Prince Hall Historic Overlay District

  • Boundary Alignment Adjustment Due to Rezoning Application
  • Referred to NC Department of Cultural Resources & Planning Commission

Economic Development & Innovation Committee – Next meeting will be 10/12 at 2:30pm virtual

Growth & Natural Resources Committee – Next meeting will be 10/26 at 4pm

Safe, Vibrant, & Healthy Communities Committee – Next meeting will be 10/26 at 11:30am

Transporation & Transit Committee – No meetings at this time

Individual Reports

  • Knight
    • 10/13 at 7pm Town Hall
    • Staff confirmed that Oberlin Road closure on track for 4 months; detour will change in 5 weeks
  • Forte
    • Requested update re Heritage Park – staff is planning community engagement and will schedule a council work session
  • Buffkin
    • District Town Hall on 10/21 at 7pm
  • Branch
    • Wants pilot projects to support local businesses
  • Cox
    • Census information has been finalized and distributed mid-September; when will Council get an update; staff says week of 10/25 will have more information to communicate; plan for community and stakeholder engagement are being developed; raw data is available now
  • Baldwin
    • Work session on 10/12 from Study Group on Council terms; will entertain public comment; sign up by 5pm this Friday; lightning round of one minute per person

Evening Session

Public Comments

  • Christina Jones on lack of council action or responsiveness on community engagement
  • Hwa Huang on changes to Raleigh elections eliminating run-offs and Raleigh Housing Authority lack of engagement with impacted citizens
  • Cole McMullin on election delay to November and ranked choice voting
  • Brian Burnet on Affordable Housing
  • Larry Helfant on purpose of Safe, Vibrant, and Healthy Communities committee and strategic plan – committee focus seems to be on rezonings rather than more pressing issues – fix infrastructure before approving rezonings – what are plans for addressing gentrification and affordable housing – make that a priority!
  • Technical difficulties prevented the following from speaking:
  • Wanda Gilbert-Coker on gentrification
  • Kimberly Muktarian on RPD
  • Allison Anthony on housing and elections
  • Douglas Johnston on greenways

Public Hearings

  • Street Name Change SNC-2-2021: Denise Drive to Capital Center Drive – staff requested to keep hearing open while more research is done – moved to 10/19
  • Street Improvements – Granville Drive — approved
  • Rezoning Z-10-21: Creedmoor Road, approximately 200 feet south of its intersection with Sherborne Pl (District A) – hearing closed for revised conditions to be submitted by this Friday; will be on agenda in two weeks
  • Rezoning Z-18-21: Boylan Ave, southwest of intersection with Jones Street (District D) – approved unanimously
  • Rezoning Z-20-21: 3905 Reedy Creek Road, at the southwest corner of its intersection with Blue Ridge Road (District E) – MAB recused because of former employer involvement; approved 6-1 with Cox dissenting due to stormwater concerns.
  • Rezoning Z-67-20: 3249 Blue Ridge Road (portion of), approximately one third of a mile north of its intersection with Duraleigh Road (District E) – holding until 10/19 to work with neighbors on revised conditions which would be due this Friday
  • Text Change TC-3-21: Bicycle Street Cross-Sections – unanimously approved to go into effect in 45 days
  • Text Change TC-13-20: NX Outdoor Bar Seating – approved 6-2 with Cox and Forte dissenting
  • Text Change TC-17(A)-20: Transit Overlay District – approved 7-1 with Cox dissenting