As Americans who live in a DEMOCRACY, we have the privilege and some say, the duty, to vote and elect our representatives. Throughout NC, early voting sites are now open to make voting easier, more accessible. The last day to vote or register and vote on the same day before the Primary Election is February 29th.

If you are registered to vote, just stop by one of the twelve locations open 7 days a week, and cast your ballot. The primary ballot is short taking about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Not Registered:  BONUS ALERT!  During early voting, citizens can REGISTER to vote and VOTE on the SAME DAY.  Just bring proof of residence with you (like driver’s license, a current utility bill, paycheck, or a bank statement). Fill out the registration form and VOTE!

Respect Your Right To Vote:  America is a great country. We risk our democracy when we do not participate in choosing our leaders who create the rules and laws that impact our lives.

After You VOTE: Be active in letting others know how to VOTE or Register / Vote Same Day. Easy to share is this website:

Nothing feels better than helping someone exercise their RIGHT TO VOTE.

What is At Stake: High voter turnout allows us to be governed by MANY people from various backgrounds and demographics.  Low voter turnout gives way to TYRANNY of the few. Let YOUR government know what you want them to do…don’t let special interest groups or your neighbors do the talking for you!