There are many ways to sign the recall petition!

  • Volunteers are going door-to-door to collect signatures. Email us ( if you want to add your neighborhood to the collection list.
  • Check out these in-person¬†petition¬†signing events to find one near you.
  • Some neighborhoods are planning neighborhood signing parties. Email us if you want to organize a signing party in YOUR neighborhood.
  • We will bring a petition to your home and wait while you sign it. Email us if you want us to visit.
  • You can download a petition, get it notarized, and send it to us. See below on this page for instructions and forms.
  • Want to help the recall effort even more and gather signatures from others? Join our DELIVER 5 FOR DEMOCRACY campaign.

Sign Your Own Official Recall Petition:

Please be sure to follow all the directions carefully.

Petitions must be signed with the same name as the person’s voter registration. CLICK HERE to check names and/or voter registration staus.

Petition Instructions

Please read this form CAREFULLY before signing and be sure to follow all the rules.

Petition Form

Please do not sign the form until you can do so IN FRONT of the Notary Public.

Notary Form

Please download this form for the notary to notarize your completed petition form.