Recall Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin

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With NO public notice, NO public engagement and NO public vote, the Raleigh City Council announced delaying elections until November 2022 and eliminating the option for a runoff in favor of a plurality vote.

Because of US Census delays, most NC municipalities can’t hold valid elections this fall. The solution was to move them to March 2022, when statewide primary elections are on the calendar. However, the Raleigh City Council asked for a special delay until November 2022.

Livable Raleigh is ready to do everything we can to reinstate the voice of Raleigh citizens.

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The Recall Petition Drive is underway. We had a very successful launch at the Historic Carousel House at Chavis Park on July 17 (read the press release here). It was a standing-room-only event with coverage by several media outlets.

Read about the event here.

View the City of Raleigh Charter rules for recalls here.

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North Carolina’s top elected officials and media agree that what the Raleigh City Council did was wrong.
Let’s put Raleigh‘s elections back in the hands of the voters.

“the citizens of Raleigh haven’t had an opportunity to comment on any of this… It’s not a public resolution because it was done in a closed meeting”

Sen Dan Blue

“The last thing we need is for city council members to emerge from a figurative smoke-filled room with a decision bearing no public input”

N&O Editors

“Decisions about local elections like these should involve more open discussion and public input”

Gov. Roy Cooper

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