The backlash against Council’s latest backroom move to exclude the public from the public’s business is coming swiftly and from all corners. Council’s secretive move to reschedule their own election was rejected by all Wake County Senators, was panned by N&O Editors as “the last thing we need”, and at a public meeting of 171 Raleigh residents last night, there was an overwhelming call for a special election – to return decisions about Raleigh elections to the people of Raleigh.

Last night’s meeting was hosted by Livable Raleigh and included several local news organizations. When polled, attendees expressed overwhelmingly unfavorable views about Council’s performance on most local issues and strong support for holding a special election – to push back against Council’s tide of self-interested backroom dealmaking, and to return decisions about Raleigh and its elections to the people of Raleigh.

The complete meeting video, presentation slides, and transcript are now available and a fully compiled meeting Q&A document will be added shortly.

Next steps

Livable Raleigh is in communication with both the City and the Wake County Board of Elections to ensure that we have the proper wording for a recall petition and to verify the number of signatures we would need to collect if we move forward with a recall effort.

We do not want to waste time gathering signatures for a petition that turns out to be invalid.

In the interim, please do the following:

Send Governor Cooper a message asking him to veto the November 2022 election bill

Sign up to volunteer to help collect petition signatures or email or call us at 919-807-1684

We will follow up with all interested volunteers as soon as we are ready to move forward with valid petitions.

Please note that the Council’s next meeting is scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, July 6. Those who wish to speak during the public comments section must sign up by 5pm on Friday, July 2.

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team