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News You Can Use

  • In an effort to assist customers who may be experiencing financial hardships, the City of Raleigh has created the Project Share Contribution Program to provide emergency assistance funds to utility residents in a crisis, who are unable to pay their water, solid waste, recycling, and stormwater bills. It is funded by customer and corporate donations.
  • City Manager’s Weekly Report

Take Action!

City Calendar

  • The meetings listed below appear on the City’s Events Calendar at
  • Virtual meetings are broadcast live on RTN11, on the City’s website  or at the City’s Youtube channel
  • To participate in some meetings, you must sign up in advance.
  • Check for latest calendar updates, agendas, and information on participating in virtual meetings.

Monday, September 21

  • 5pm — Bicycle Planning Committee, to participate, please contact Paul Black at
  • 6pm — Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission, agenda includes
    • Barwell Road Project Update
    • Committee Structure & Workplan
  • 6pm — Dix Park Community Committee

Tuesday, September 22

  • 9am — Planning Commission, agenda includes
    • Text Change TC-14-19: Site Plan/Plot Plan and Revisions
    • Rezoning Z-21-20 Morgan and Boylan, southeast quadrant of their intersection (District D)
    • Comprehensive Plan Amendments CP-2-20 Midtown
    • Rezoning Z-33-20 7900 Creedmoor Road, approximately 0.4 miles south of Creedmoor Road and Strickland Road intersection (District A)
    • Rezoning Z-37-20: 7520 Leesville Road, on the west side of Leesville Road, approximately 1,000 feet south of its intersection with Shady Grove Road (District E)
    • Rezoning Z-38-20: 309 & 311 N Tarboro Street approximately a quarter mile north of its intersection with New Bern Avenue (District C)
    • Text Change: TC-10-20 Authorization Process for UDO Text Changes and Text Changes to Zoning Conditions
    • Rezoning Z-14-19/MP-1-19: 1208 South Blount Street, consisting of the block created by Blount, Person, Bragg, and Branch streets (District C)
    • Rezoning Z-9-20: 3411 & 3503 Page Road; 10881 & 0 World Trade Boulevard, approximately 0.4 miles southwest of the intersection of Brier Creek Parkway and Aviation Parkway (District E)
    • Rezoning Z-14-20: Macon Pond Road, southwest of its intersection with Edwards Mill Road (District D)
    • Rezoning Z-24-20 6125 Buffaloe Road, on its north side, one mile west of I-540 (District B)
    • Rezoning Z-31-19: 5228 Needham Road, near the intersection of Blue Run Lane and Pine Drive at Buffaloe Road (District C)
    • Text Change TC-11-20: Tenant Notification
    • TC-12-20 Historic Subdivisions
  • 9am — Dorothea Dix Park Leadership Committee
  • 1:30pm — Economic Development and Innovation Committee, agenda includes 19-02 Mission, Goals and Projects of Local Economic Development Partners
  • 4pm — Growth and Natural Resources Committee, agenda includes
    • 19-06: Strategic Plan Review – Growth and Natural Resources Key Focus Area
    • 19-04: Residential Permitting Process Streamlining
  • 7pm – Wade Hillsborough CAC Zoom Meeting, agenda includes

Wednesday, September 23

  • 5:30pm — Historical Resources and Museums Advisory Board
  • 7pm — Police Advisory Board, the public can join the meeting on Zoom or via phone at 1-301-715-8592 with Webinar ID# 875 3865 5815

Thursday, September 24

  • 3pm — Transportation and Transit Committee, agenda includes
    • 19-06 Transportation Program Policy Updates & Project Lists
    • 19-02 Transit Overlay Districts – Residential (TOD-R)
  •  4pm — Planning Commission Committee of the Whole, agenda includes
    • Comprehensive Plan Amendments CP-2-20 Midtown
    • Rezoning Z-24-19 Raleigh Beach Rd PD, on the north side of New Bern Avenue, on the east and west sides of N. Rogers Lane (District B)
  • 5pm — RHDC Certificate of Appropriateness Committee, agenda includes
    • COA-0108-2020: 405 Polk Street
    • COA-0127-2020: 506 Tilden Street
    • COA-0073-2020: 1003 W Lenoir Street
    • COA-0110-2020: 711 S Boylan Avenue
    • COA-0113-2020: 509 N Boundary Street
    • COA-0118-2020: 410 Glenwood Avenue
    • COA-0123-2020: 527 Euclid Avenue
    • COA-0130-2020: 316 E Cabarrus Street
    • COA-0131-2020: 616 Wills Forest Street
    • COA-0133-2020: 724 N Blount Street
  • 7pm — Second of a three-part series on Affordable Housing, Register


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