The News & Observer is covering Livable Raleigh’s campaign to recall Mayor Baldwin:

The decision to seek a recall comes after the Raleigh City Council voted in a closed session to ask state lawmakers to move their election from this October to November 2022. The council also asked to permanently move their elections from odd to even years and move from a run-off method to plurality.

Those changes were criticized for a lack of transparency, but City Attorney Robin Tatum said the discussions were confidential.

So the City Attorney continues to claim Attorney/Client privilege for the closed door meeting.

Privilege is appropriate for the conversation about the possible legal liabilities for holding the election on the original October 2021 date. But, there is no valid claim of privilege for a political discussion of the pros and cons of moving the election to November 2022 versus March 2022.

That conversation should have been held in public. And Governor Cooper, the Wake County Senate Delegation, and the N&O Editorial Board all agree on that!

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Join Livable Raleigh on July 17th for a special in-person meeting to discuss the recall.

Click here to learn more about the recall effort and to learn how you can get involved.

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team