If you’re like us, you’re a fan of Twitter. And, there is no one on Twitter we like better than someone who knows about local politics and is willing to wade into the deep end and throw a little shade.

@NoCapRaleigh fits the bill perfectly. NoCap is a reference to North Capital Blvd where the owner of this account is located.  In order to fully appreciate the political commentary that NoCap tweets, you need to have at least a basic understanding of local Raleigh politics. If you’re a regular reader of Livable Raleigh, that should suffice. For instance, recent tweets were about Raleigh City Council’s decision to ask the state to move the next election from October 2021 to November 2022 without ever holding a public hearing or hearing any comments from the public. The entire process was done behind closed doors.

In addition to political commentary, NoCap is a fierce advocate for locally owned, small businesses in the North Capital Blvd area which is generally defined as Capital Blvd from the beltline going north to Spring Forest Rd.

We think NoCap is worth following. After you follow us, of course! @RaleighLivable

Here are those tweets with some short explanations of the background data NoCap is commenting on and some links to reference materials on the same topic.

Livable Raleigh Editorial Team


This is a reference to the decision made by City Council to ask the state to move the next election to Nov 2022, a delay of over a year without any public notice or public input. Read more about that here: Raleigh City Council’s Slow Moving Coup

Another reference to the secret deal made behind closed doors. The N&O said this: “the last thing we need is for City Council members to emerge from a figurative smoke-filled room with a decision bearing no public input.” You can read the rest here: Raleigh Postpones an Election Without Bothering to Ask

Here the reference is to the unprecedented amount of money spent by the development industry in the 2019 City Council election for Mayor Baldwin and her Council majority who are now beholden to development industry interests. Read about the money in politics here: Follow the Money

This is a reference to YIMBY Raleigh, the alter ego of Brent Woodcox who is legal policy counsel for the Republicans in the NC General Assembly and was part of the team that gerrymandered NC into an unconstitutional mess. He also plays the role of Pied Piper for local progressives who are willing to follow him anywhere even though his policy prescriptions always seem to be straight from the conservative Republican playbook. You can read more about that here: History Has Its Eyes on the New Raleigh City Council

Here NoCap is sarcastically taking Colin Campbell to task for claiming council violated the rules when obviously council needs to remake the rules to make things better. NoCap uses the term “revolutionized” as a callback to the same kind of move this council made when they abolished the CACs (Citizen Advisory Councils) as one of their first moves on Feb 4, 2020. They did that in secret and without public notice or public input as well. They promised to replace the CACs with a new “revolutionary” community engagement system. But, after more than a year and a paid consultant, nothing has materialized. Read more about that here: Baldwin Implements Phase IV of her “Revolutionary” citizen engagement system