• Several CAC meetings were held last week. Glenwood, Midtown, Five Points, Hillsborough-Wade, and Atlantic CACs all passed resolutions asking the City to reinstate the CACs and affirming that they plan to continue operating in some fashion.
  • The Planning Commission met on Tuesday and Thursday to discuss a text change to authorize an “additional neighborhood meeting” to handle rezoning requests in the absence of the CACs. This is being rushed through and appears to offer no advantages over CAC meetings and, in fact, raises some serious concerns.
  • It has been widely reported that Council Member Patrick Buffkin violated the rules of decorum by verbally attacking a fellow council member and at least one member of the public at Thursday’s Atlantic CAC meeting.
  • City Council began a series of budget work sessions on Monday. Many transportation capital projects, including sidewalks and road improvements, are facing serious shortfalls.  Council is debating whether to take on additional debt in order to partially meet some of the budget gaps.
  • Link to City Manager’s Weekly Report:

ACTION ITEMS – What to look for in upcoming meetings – check our calendar page, show up, speak up!

  • As usual there is a lot on Tuesday’s City Council agenda, including more fall-out from the dissolution of the CACs, and legalization of whole-house short-term rentals throughout the city.
  • There will be some important and interesting updates at Thursday’s Stormwater Management Advisory Commission meeting.
  • Remember that you can sign up to speak up to one hour before the Council meeting starts:

– Stef Mendell