A nice and unexpected thing happened to me yesterday. A neighbor down the block stopped by to thank me for sharing some of our home cooked meals with him these past few weeks. As a thank you, the neighbor gave us two pieces of delicious chocolate cake, which had been given to him by a friend.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

About an hour later, my neighbor returned with three bags of beautiful, freshly picked lettuce arugula and cilantro. He was quick to tell me that these greens had been grown and picked for him by another neighbor. He told me to take as much as I wanted because he was “re-sharing” his greens with us!

The truth is, it is easy for me to cook an additional serving or two so I can give a home-cooked meal to my neighbor. But his own acts of neighborly gratitude this week took on new meaning to me.

In the midst of this health crisis as we all try to manage our feelings of fear and uncertainty, this rather simple example of many neighbors helping neighbors felt extraordinarily good and reassuring to me. I wanted to share this feeling with all of you who are looking at our Livable Raleigh website – many of you for the first time.   Maybe you, too, have a similar story of neighbors helping neighbors? If you do, please send us your story and a photo to livableraleigh@gmail.com or post your story and photo on our Livable Raleigh Facebook page or visit our website (https://livableraleigh.com) .

During this time of crisis, Livable Raleigh will continue to share information about the issues that affect all of our lives here in Raleigh. Today, it gives me pleasure to let you know that the very thing that makes Raleigh special, continues to be alive and well. Great neighbors make great neighborhoods.

I asked my neighbor to come back to my house so we could replay the gifting of the greens so I could share it with all of you on Livable Raleigh. Thanks, Neighbor!