Forecast: Clear Thru Weekend, Stormie on Tuesday

As of this morning, 34 “hopefuls” have submitted their applications to be the next District D representative on Council, replacing the ill-fated Saige Martin. The deadline to apply is today at 4. It’s quite a contest.

Poring through these many, bulky submittals is unnecessary, however. When the appointment is made on Tuesday, it will go to Raleigh attorney and Democratic campaign consultant Stormie Forte.

Forte’s had the nod from Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin virtually from the time Martin resigned. And with the fractious Martin off Council, only District B’s David Cox ever questions — or crosses — MAB.

Forte will be the first African-American woman ever to sit on the Raleigh Council, which is truly shocking. Formerly a lawyer with the state, she is now in private practice. As a political consultant, she helped state Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan win his seat in the 2016 elections, unseating Republican Justice Bob Edmunds and shifting control of the Court from GOP to Democratic.

Forte had not applied as of close of business yesterday, so her resume is not online as yet.


By the way, if you’re wondering why Baldwin insisted on having all these applications, and told the Council to read them carefully by Saturday morning, when they are supposed to choose (by secret ballots) five panelists for a virtual candidates forum on Sunday at 3 pm — we have no idea

But then, we could be wrong. Maybe Forte isn’t a lock, and watching on Sunday won’t be a complete waste of time.

Or, you could watch Hamilton. Again.