Event Details

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This commission meets the first Thursday of every month. Members discuss various stormwater needs and issues. Then, provides recommendations to staff and reports to Raleigh City Council.

Raleigh Transportation Field Services Building
2550 Operations Way
Raleigh, NC 27604
1. Welcome
A. Introductions

B. Excused Absences

2. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
A. Approval of Minutes from January 5 2023

3. Public Comment
A. Public Comment – In person meeting

4. Commission/Stormwater Staff Update on Matters of Importance
A. Staff and Commission Updates

B. Hot Priority Topics

C. Notices Prior to Construction

5. Stormwater’s Budgetary, Fiscal, & CIP Development Approach and Processes
A. Overview of the budget planning and development process

6. Drainage Assistance and Stream Stabilization Projects Review
A. Two (2) Drainage projects for review

B. Two (2) Stream Stabilization projects for review

7. Other Business
A. Non Agenda Items

8. Adjournment
A. Adjourn Meeting