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September 28, 6:00p Halifax Road Community Center, Multipurpose Room A, 1023 Halifax St., Raleigh, NC 27604 Multiple properties on Peace St. and West St. Post-submittal (Z-54-22)

IX-12 to DX-30-UG

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D Mack Paul Ira Mabel

Please consider signing the petition opposing the project HERE. Please get the word out to your neighbors.

Raleigh City Council are attacking neighborhoods and dismantling our voices in the process. The Missing Middle rules, where developers can tear down houses and build apartment buildings or townhomes with no public process, and ignoring the Downtown Comprehensive Plan, and approving with reckless abandon 20-40 story buildings all around Raleigh and right next to neighborhoods demonstrate this

Consider getting a Yellow Sign for Your Yard to show our opposition http://restoreraleighzoning.com/