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TOMORROW 11/15 at 12pm via (zoom link: go.ncsu.edu/housingforstudents)- Learn more about college student housing insecurity and the HOST (Housing Options for Students Today) hostnc.org. Or attend an info session on 12/13/22 via zoom at 6pm or 1/20/23 at 6pm in the HOST office space located at 1801 Hillsborough St. Sign up at https://www.hostnc.org/contact-us

As you know, an increasing number of NC State students are experiencing homelessness. In the most recent study, rates of homelessness increased from 9.6% before the COVID-19 pandemic to 15% during it. We can all agree that students’ academic, career, leadership and personal goals are thwarted without safe, stable housing accessible to campus.

What can be done? The Housing Options for Students Today (HOST) was recently established to provide students with short-term (days to a semester) housing in Wake County. Similar to Airbnb, residents open their homes to a student but students do not pay anything AND two professional staff support homeowners and students. I have chosen to volunteer with HOST as this model has been implemented across the country with proven success. To learn more about HOST https://www.hostnc.org/ and HOST & NC State Student Homelessness in the Media